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Howling Success - Wolf Pack In-Game Reward Activation

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Before the launch of Diablo IV, the latest entry in the highly revered gaming franchise, our team was called upon for something a little…different. We were tasked with stoking existing enthusiasm for the game’s pre-launch BETA, the brief testing period where players can try the game before public release. 

Our goals: get players to join the Diablo IV Beta game play test, encourage them to stay engaged throughout, and leverage the Wolf Pack asset in creative ways that honor the legacy of dark humor and gleefully sinister messaging the Diablo brand is notorious (and beloved) for providing.

The Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item was created to maximize player engagement at this critical pre-release juncture. It was designed as a reward for those who participated; an adorable badge of honor that players could flaunt to showcase their dedication and commitment to Diablo.

So began the great Wolf Pack push of 2023.


With creative use of limited assets and strategic implementation across multiple channels, from lighthearted memes on Twitter/X to multi-media posts across Instagram and TikTok, we strived to transform a straightforward in-game reward into one of our most successful organic campaigns ever. Because this activation was not bolstered by external spend, the campaign’s success further strengthened our organic-first posting strategy.

One standout activation in the campaign was the “Pup Cam.” Our team recorded footage of the adorable digital puppy sleeping and positioned that looped footage as a live stream on YouTube and Twitch. The piece was produced quickly with no paid support, yet still succeeded in generating substantial excitement not only for the Beta, but for the subsequent launch of the full game.

The brand-wide focus on the Wolf Pack was also designed to draw player attention to the high quality of our in-game assets, gently guiding players toward the in-game shop sales funnel.


By all metrics, the Wolf Pup activation was a success. It generated substantial conversation within our social channels, but expanded well beyond to Reddit and gaming websites like PC Gamer.

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And our Pup could not be contained to the digital world. So strong was the desire for more Wolf Pup that a physical pin was created and distributed at BlizzCon 2023, where demand was so high the supply lasted mere minutes. 

Following the success of the initiative, the Wolf Pack was brought back for a second testing window pre-launch, allowing envious players another chance to obtain the coveted cosmetic reward. 

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Blizzard Entertainment


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