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Always, FairPrice (50th Anniversary)

Finalist in Integrated Campaign

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Branded Series


Established in 1973, FairPrice Group (FPG) is Singapore's leading food retailer, committed to keeping food affordable for all.  While economic progress has changed lives, Singapore still face the same challenges of rising cost of living (with the latest food prices increasing 3.7% year-on-year in 2023), plus the additional challenge of an increase in Goods & Services Tax (GST) to 9% in 2023

While FPG remains committed to its brand promise to moderate the cost of living, there may be a perception that this commitment is wavering. From pioneering the concept of fair pricing, to ensuring our food supply chain remains resilient, what we do is highly essential for our nation’s survival… yet, highly invisible.

We needed to shift brand perception, focusing on both:

We play a vital, yet often unseen, role in ensuring Singapore's food security and affordability. Our mission remains unchanged: to safeguard your way of life and make every day a little better.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, FPG reaffirmed its commitment to the nation. This involved deepening emotional connections with the community, focusing on brand love, engagement, and appreciation for FPG's role in Singapore's food landscape.


We started by taking a deeper look at our role. How can a brand that’s quietly in service of a nation tell its own story? 

What we needed is a clear articulation of our place in the market, today, and for the next 50 years. Strategically, our big shift was to rise above the category of groceries and food. And above all, create a paradigm shift that tells the story of our brand. 

Our approach came in 3 parts: 

  1. To honour the past
    Reinforce our promise to older customers, while we bridge and connect with younger ones
  2. To be seen in the present
    Show that we understand what our customers care most about and our role in helping them cope with these challenges
  3. To lead into the future
    Connect emotionally with audiences and to make the everyday affordable for the next 50 years

"50 years together. Always, FairPrice"

Celebrating our social mission of affordable living, our campaign honours the hidden heroes of FPG, by telling lesser-known stories from our long-forgotten history, and showcasing ongoing efforts of our team, all dedicated to upholding the brand's enduring mission.

To build a deeper emotional connection with Singaporeans, we created a platform that served as both a reminder of their history over the past 50 years, as well as a promise and commitment to the future. “Always, FairPrice” appeared as a sign-off that punctuated every message and gesture across our campaign.

Creatives attributed to our Past & Present 
We captured this ethos thoughtfully in everything we crafted; from a coffee table book that tells the history of FPG, to key visuals depicting FPG's employees as miniature figurines against larger-than-life everyday items; we expressed the behind-the-scenes role of FPG.

Connecting with our audience
Our “Meet the Fairmily” series was a hybrid of a documentary-game show. Each episode of our 10-part series featured scripted interviews, mixed media and candid moments to show a day-in-the-life of these unsung heroes in FPG. 

We first launched by introducing Singaporeans to 3 important core features:

And because we garnered so much engagement, we launched follow up episodes from other sub-brands within the “Fairmily” - convenience, health & wellness, logistics, food tasting, and more!

Rewarding You
Finally, to further deliver on our promise of making the everyday affordable, we launched “50 days of savings” – a brand gesture that introduced 50-cent deals, every day for 50 days on our anniversary.  From beverages such as coffee and tea, to $5 grocery vouchers redeemable via the FPG app, we ensured that everyday items were still kept at an affordable price for all Singaporeans.


Our content captured the audience's imagination as they engaged with us like never before. These assets were then amplified through an omni-channel media takeover, including out-of-home, digital screens, cinema placements, and social and digital buys. 

The campaign across the different channels garnered an impressive:

Beyond functional indicators, we were able to successfully appeal to Singaporeans:

Beyond the metrics, this campaign resonated with Singaporeans on a deeper level. It fostered a sense of community and shared values, reminding everyone of the importance of accessibility and affordability. This emotional connection is the true testament to the campaign's success, solidifying FairPrice Group's commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of its customers.


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FairPrice Group


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