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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Croctober 2023

Gold Honor in User-Generated Content, Organic Promotion, Earned Media

Audience Honor in User-Generated Content


Coined by Crocs fans, Croctober (aka October) is a month-long celebration of Crocs loyal and creative fans. What started as a single day, Croc Day (October 23rd) has turned into a month-long takeover in celebration of Croc Nation. Crocs joined in over recent years, rewarding fans with unbeatable offers and new limited-time product drops that fans have come to expect. 

As October gets more crowded and holiday deals are coming in hot earlier every year, we needed to do something bigger, bolder, and unexpected to cut through the noise to celebrate fans in a way that only Crocs could. Croctober 2023 was our chance to put our die-hard fans  on the Mega Crush pedestal they deserved for an entire month.



Strategy and Execution

We built our strategy on a fan-first insight—people who love Crocs REALLY love Crocs and use them as a canvas for the ultimate form of creative self expression. These fans deserved a strategy that matched their unparalleled creative energy, so we made them the main characters and voices of Croctober.  From making them the heroes of our content and literally crowning our first group of Croc Stars, to creating a tribute to them in the literal night sky with a constellation of stars, we were determined to center our fans in everything we do, including our design process. 

To kick off our celebration of fans, we wanted to give them a product that they wanted. Social listening told us fans wanted a cowboy boot, done Crocs style. So, Crocs got to work to make their fan-fiction fashion dreams come true. Thus, the first-ever Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot was created. An idea born directly out of fan-creativity to celebrate fan creativity. 

We knew  we had to go all in on making the boot and our fans the stars of the month.  So, we crowned 95 Croc Stars to be recognized as the most creative and boldest fans across the globe. Crocs sent them the boot before anyone else could get their feet in it and included a special, exclusive metal Jibbitz charm to label them an official Croc Star. Immediately, our Croc Stars posted organic unboxing content, giving others a sneak peek of the boot. 

The social sphere went crazy for it. Other sought-after influencers begged for the boot. When they got their hands on a pair,  they hopped in the Croctober chat posting their own Cowboy Boot content with the rest of Croc Nation. The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot turned into a status symbol—and fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. We used this opportunity to direct everyone to a Croctober landing page that  featured a boot release countdown and UGC video content celebrating the epic creativity of our fans. On Croc Day, October 23, Crocs dropped the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot for global purchase and it sold out in as little as an hour across the globe. 

We kept the party going with one more surprise: our first collab with the universe. We purchased actual stars in the name of each Croc Star through Star Registry, then revealed that these stars aligned to form the official Crocstellation—a clog-shaped star cluster that will commemorate our fans for millions of years. By directing fans to a mobile webpage with an AR filter, we empowered them to experience it for themselves. As an added bonus, they could be recognized as one of our remaining 5 Croc Stars by taking a screenshot of their experience—putting a final bow on Croctober 2023.


Croctober 2023 proved that Crocs remains all about our fans. We stanned our fans as boldly and unapologetically in the same spirit that they stan their Crocs.  Our Croc Stars—and the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot they inspired—owned the month, taking over feeds, timelines and news stories. The Boot tease dropped and went viral, trending #1 on Google. Then by the time the Boot was announced, it was picked up by all major media outlets – including Jimmy Fallon, CNN, Forbes, New York Times, People and Washington Post, to name a few. . 

And, we drove engagement and conversation across the world for an entire month. We proved that a networked, uniquely ownable celebration based in fan insights can keep fans attention all month long while also driving tangible business results: 


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Digitas, Crocs


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