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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

BMF Season 2 Social Campaign

Finalist in Multicultural Community Engagement

Entered in Instagram Presence, Television


Bigger is always better when you’re reppin’ the BMF name. 

Following a hyped-up season 1, BMF season 2 needed to keep the momentum going and get fans, both new and returning, ready to roll with Meech and Terry as they built their empire. 

We took a fandom-driven approach to our social campaign, starting with honing our voice to make sure we spoke directly to the fans as a fan and provided authentic, entertaining takes. 

The ultimate goal: Keep the streets talking about BMF to drive conversation and tune in, using social conversation and community management strategies to create FOMO, build anticipation, and attract new fans.


Strategy and Execution

BMF Season 2 kicked it up a notch with a fan-first strategy, turning curious viewers into die-hard fans. The secret sauce? Social listening, making sure our creative and community management strategy vibed with fan feelings, instead of guessing. 

Our social media accounts became the ultimate hangout spot, buzzing with quizzes, GIFs, polls, and hilarious memes – turning fans into a crew, not just spectators. The "Dragging Charles" post? Pure gold, adding laughs to the mix. 

During weekly episode drops, we owned Fridays as #BlackMafiaFridays where fans came together on social to spill the tea on all the gag-worthy moments happening on BMF.

BTS series featuring cast like Snoop Dogg and "If You Know, You Know" series, kept the excitement rolling between episodes. The engagement? Off the charts! BMF Season 2 not only trended on Twitter (X)  like nobody's business but also earned its spot as one of the top three most socially engaged in-season TV series programs on premium cable (Nielsen Social Ratings). 

Conversations about the show went beyond our owned pages - making the headlines on pages like The Shade Room. Fans also drove conversation on platforms like TikTok via UGC with memes and reenactments. We showed love to these creators by amplifying these posts on our owned pages to increase our overall engagement. 

And the grand finale? A Season 3 green light with fans already hyped for more action. The campaign showcased a tight-knit fan connection, making BMF not just a show - but a fan-fueled phenomenon.


BMF Season 2 didn't just hit the mark – it smashed it! The numbers don’t lie: 

And yes, we were trended on X every time we dropped an episode.

But it's not just about the numbers; it's about the vibe. Enthusiastic fan comments and engagement? We not only cultivated a fanbase but also established a thriving and dynamic community for our biggest fans.

In a nutshell, BMF Season 2 wasn't just a show; it was a wild ride of fan love, laughter, and trend-setting brilliance.



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STARZ Entertainment LLC.


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