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Beef Baby

Entered in Multi-Platform Partnership, Single Post or Activation, TikTok Partnership


Oscar Mayer had just launched their campaign for their new 100% all beef, beef franks. But we needed a paid asset that was social-forward to really spread awareness. Additionally, we needed to deliver on the brand’s goal to make its purpose to spark smiles more resonant with a new generation by disrupting the everyday with simply joyful escapes rooted in today’s culture. 


When Katie Ryan, the mother of the viral “I Smell Like Beef” baby vine, reposted the video to TikTok for the 9th anniversary, the timing couldn’t be more perfect opportunity for a peak internet collaboration. 

Turning her daughter, Ava Ryan, into our very own beefluencer, our execution was simple: have Ava duet her original video with the new hot dog in hand, this time saying “it tastes like beef!”. To make it even more iconic, Ava recreated the original video and inside the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to deliver our tasty, 100% beef message. 

We used the video to duet Katie and Ava’s repost on TikTok. To make sure the content reached Ava’s audience, Katie and Ava video replied to our pinned comment on that video with another take of Ava spoofing her original video.  

Over on Instagram, we recreated our TikTok duet approach as a handshake post from the brand, and the influencer’s accounts.  


Our timely reaction paid off as the internet was living for this full circle moment. Not only did fans call it a “partnership made in beef heaven,” they even vowed to be like Ava and “choose 100% beef” franks.  



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The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz


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