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Tango Berry Peachy

Finalist in Local Campaign

Entered in Food & Beverage, Humor


Tango was launching a new soft drink flavour: Berry Peachy.

They wanted to raise awareness of this bold new flavour and reach GenZ (16-24 year olds) with the message to be bigger, bolder and fully express themselves!

More than half of Gen Zs and millennials spend zero hours on ad-supported TV on any given day (Reaching the Unreachables, 2022)

Soft drink commercials are not cutting through to our audience. To reach them we can’t advertise or disrupt their entertainment, we have to immerse ourselves in their culture which, increasingly, is influenced by creators on social media.

63% of US and 58% of UK GenZ audiences trust the product recommendations of content creators (Reaching the Unreachables, 2022)

62% of US and 57% of UK GenZ audiences trust product recommendations of people who follow the same content creators (Reaching the Unreachables, 2022)


Strategy and Execution


Tango is known for its cheeky and bold advertising going back to the late 1980’s and 90’s.

It flipped the norms of the soft drinks market at the time with the “You know when you've been Tango’d” campaign which propelled the brand to success and became one of the most well-known TV adverts of all time.


Our audience’s eyes glaze over at the usual, boring, dry soft drink ads. We needed to catch and hold their attention by eliciting emotion via the bold tastemakers of their communities.

TikTok is the playground for bold tastemakers of this generation.

Tango needed to tap into this audience’s sense of humour with the creators they follow and the communities they’re part of on the platform they go to for entertainment: TikTok.


Our six creators brought their unique angle to introducing Berry Peachy to their audience.


2.1 million organic VIEWS (27% completion rate) for @jackjos3ph’s standout video.

10.6 million total VIEWS.

+7.5% AWARENESS. Participants were more aware of Tango after exposure to the campaign.

+17pts (NPS) improved OPINION of Tango after exposure to the campaign. Nearly 3 x better than our UK TikTok benchmark (Brand Uplift Study, May 2022).

+4.75% PERCEPTION. Participants were more likely to agree that Tango is Bold after exposure to the campaign.

+2.3% INTENT to purchase. People are more likely to purchase from Tango following exposure to the campaign.

406,000 Engagements (likes, comments, shares).



@♥️♥️ this is the type of ad that makes me want to try the product
@BeaverSteveTheFifaKing It worked. I really want that drink now
@bilal757520 I need that rn
@Adam One of the best tiktok ads 😍
@HollyLaing omg thank you!
@Lee<3 best ad fr 
@dylan top tier advertising i went the whole video without realising i was being advertised to



Video for Tango Berry Peachy

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Whalar, Tango


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