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What's Up Tok?

Winner in Voice

Silver Honor in TikTok Presence, Organic Promotion

Entered in TikTok


Looney Tunes has been creating animated comedy mayhem for 80 years.

Two years ago, Looney Tunes launched their ACME Intern on Twitter and Instagram to connect with younger fans using a novel and characterized approach to telling stories on social media. This new voice was massively successful in connecting with Millennials and Gen X who grew up with Looney Tunes. 

But Gen Z lives on TikTok. TikTok is filled with chaotic humor, unpredictability, and an often antic spirit so…introducing Looney Tunes to the TikTok community should be a slam dunk, right? 

Not so fast. Gen Z is also suspicious of new corporate entrants. 

TikTokers want interactive content like duetting and audio sharing (our lawyers said nope). And there wasn't a paid budget to grow followers. What’s a Toon to do? 

Strategy and Execution

We started with our own inimitable selves - 80 years of Looney Tunes mayhem. 

With no grand announcements, we soft launched by first publishing tons and tons of content to build out our nest egg presence. Since then, we've picked up the pace with our cadence, netting out at 200+ posts (and many more on the way!)

We tailored content to directly respond to comments and build up an engaged community. We also showed viewers the Looney humans behind our handle, by speaking directly to, and with our audience. We cemented connections with our audience by creating tailored video replies directly to commenters.

We knew this nonsensical, but relatable humor could resonate and amplified our content with the creative editing welcomed on TikTok. We put the ACME Intern’s distinctly cheeky personality to work, humanizing our handle even more by getting chatty with our community in the comments section, averaging over 200 replies per month.

We also went Live on TikTok with a new feature we called, “Saturday Morning Cartoons with the ACME Intern”, we earned more views than 98% of hosts with similar followings (gained +1.2k viewers), with 4.4k likes and overwhelmingly positive comments. Going Live has become a popular recurring feature located within a very familiar setting - our version of a Gen Z bedroom.  


When we launched in March, we hoped to build 1M followers by next year. 

We smashed past that goal in just five months and the growth hasn’t stopped.

As of today, we’re 1.87M followers strong with 15.2M likes, all organically. We’ve gained a 12% average engagement rate and +20 videos have gained viral traction with 1M+ views each.

Our live streams beat out 98% of TT profiles with similar followers. 

And we’re on track to hit 2M within our first year. That’s Not All, Folks.  


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Movement Strategy, Looney Tunes


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