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Reimagining the Future with Smarter IT Infrastructure

Finalist in Branded Series

Audience Honor in Global Campaign

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At Lenovo, we have always focused on human-centered innovation – from devices to the data center, we build smarter end-to-end technology solutions for all.

The "Reimagining the Future with Smarter Infrastructure” campaign's primary objective was to drive top-of-funnel awareness for Lenovo's infrastructure solutions globally among business and IT decision makers. And the best way to tell that story was through customers’ success, in the United States and select markets all around the world.

The campaign launched with bold and emotionally engaging branded documentaries showcasing real Lenovo and Intel customers and were produced by Courageous Studios and distributed across CNN.

Whether it's building a 5G smart city of the future, making blockbuster animated movies, developing new lifesaving medicines, or combatting climate change, tech infrastructure plays a vital role. This campaign showcases how B2B customers use Lenovo infrastructure solutions, powered by Intel Xeon processors, to accelerate innovation and find solutions for humanity’s greatest challenges. 

Strategy and Execution

Who doesn’t love a good story? Honestly, who?!

After garnering over 28 million brand impressions and 80,000+ engagements across seven priority markets in 2021, it was an easy decision to extend the program with Intel, Courageous Studios and CNN for another year. To keep the momentum going, we added more branded documentaries and a new collection of branded articles to the mix.

From a content perspective, our aim was to present multi-tiered stories that feature compelling Lenovo and Intel customer use cases. To showcase the breadth of Lenovo’s offering, we chose customers from a wide variety of industries and verticals that leverage our technology to increase efficiency, design innovative new techniques, and build market share to become industry leaders.

Hosting and promoting the content across a global leader like CNN helped us target IT and Business Decision Makers across seven global markets, including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico. The distribution strategy leveraged CNN social media, CNN run of site, and exclusive CNN editorial sponsorships including Risk Takers and Innovate.

Documentary-Style Customer Stories

Creativity Unleashed
Discover how artists and filmmakers at DreamWorks Animation are pushing the boundaries of animation technology with Lenovo’s workstations and Lenovo Neptune™ liquid-cooled high performance computing solutions
Watch now | English – 60s | 15s – Teaser-1 | 15s – Teaser-2 | 30s – Teaser-1  | 30s – Teaser-2

The Business That’s Always Growing
Learn how Perfection Fresh Australia leverages Lenovo’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to adapt, innovate, and grow the freshest produce.
Watch now | English 60s | English 30s

Racing at the Speed of Technology
See how Dallara engineers found the perfect partnership in Lenovo and Intel to take their new Dallara EXP from idea to pulse-pounding execution in a matter of months.
Watch Now  | English 60s | English 30s

Saving Lives with High-Performance Computing
Discover how Lenovo high-performance computing is empowering computer scientists, chemists, and physicians at a prestigious university in Massachusetts to develop bespoke treatments for cancer.
Watch now  | English 60s | English 30s

Transforming Barcelona into the 5G Smart City of the Future
Learn how Lenovo’s Edge Computing solutions are providing the springboard for Barcelona’s digital transformation.
Watch now | English 60s | English 30s

Computing in the Eye of the Storm
See how Lenovo’s HPC solutions are equipping researchers at North Carolina State University to study and predict storm behavior and coastal erosion through computational models and high-res simulations.
Watch now | English 60s | English 30s


Branded Content Articles

Work For Humankind:
Perfection Fresh Australia:
Lenovo AI Innovators Program:

Run of Site, Social Samples

Perfection Fresh, Instagram
DreamWorks Animation, Facebook
Dallara, LinkedIn
Smart City Barcelona, CNN Brazil
North Carolina State University, CNN Germany

Landing Page Samples

Smarter Stories Hub Page (English):
DreamWorks (Japan, Japanese):
Dallara (German):
Cancer Drug Discovery (Brazil, Portuguese):
Smart City Barcelona (Mexico, Spanish):
North Carolina State (India, English):


The 2022 program outperformed CNN's advertising benchmarks and was deemed a top performing campaign. We saw a significant YoY growth in terms of video completion and engagement across markets. 



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Lenovo, Intel and Courageous Studios


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