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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Adult Swimming

Finalist in Comedy Video

Silver Honor in Instagram Presence

Bronze Honor in Art Direction

Entered in Humor


Adult Swim has built an enduring bond with loyal fans grounded in a shared sensibility - the world is a weird place, filled with oddballs, misfits, and the very strange. These are our fans. They’re why Adult Swim exists. Our fans are reflected in our shows, but our social feeds need to be more than the standard, staid TV promotional content – otherwise why bother? It’s important that our fans find the same original sensibility of manic insanity in our own social feeds. Adult Swim has a strong point of view, takes risks, embraces originality, and isn’t afraid to be staggeringly, defiantly weird.

Our core audience follows and engages with feeds that entertain, surprise, and provoke connection. That’s the goal.

Strategy and Execution

So we focused on making the most unexpected, abnormal original content we could… And holy crap, did we make a lot of it, through new spins on beloved series, interesting perspectives on human truths, nostalgic takes on our traumatic childhoods. We also reskinned classic video games, gave anatomy lessons of fan-favorite characters, and generally subverted expectations.


The stats proved the method of our madness. By looking inward, trusting our creative guts, and adopting a no f*cks given approach to content creation we were able to authentically connect with Adult Swim's core fanbase of wild weirdos, kooky creatives, immature intellectuals, and dorks.

Over the last year with Adult Swim, we’ve gained over 116-thousand followers across all channels, garnered more than 26 thousand comments, 36 million plus total video views, and a mind-boggling 3.6 million total engagements.


Video for Adult Swimming

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Movement Strategy, Adult Swim


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