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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Xrystal with an X

Finalist in Fitness, Health, & Wellness, Humor

Entered in Insights & Trends


As vaccinations increased and comfort increased, Planet Fitness set out to achieve two main goals:  

  1. Drive membership joins during the September sale in an effort to help consumers everywhere ease back into going to the gym to combat weight gain and fitness stagnation. 

  2. For those who were not ready to return, Planet Fitness wanted to create brand engagement and reassure consumers everywhere that Planet Fitness can be your way to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging in fitness.  

Strategy and Execution

In summer 2021, an APA survey revealed that 61% of U.S. adults reported undesired weight changes since the COVID-19 outbreak. Resulting in consumers everywhere feeling the pressure to get back into fitness. The place everyone was looking for answers? Social media. #fitspo had 73.8M uses on Instagram and TikTok was called the future of online fitness. The problem? New research reveals that one in four fitness influencers on TikTok are giving incorrect workout advice. This content fuels intimidation, unrealistic expectations, and pushes dangerous routines. 

Planet Fitness called out false fitness by creating their very own influencer. Meet Xyrstal with an X. Inspired by what so many people are engaging with, Planet Fitness created an exaggerated, over-promising Fitfluencer who shares all her secrets for getting a perfect body fast. As Xrystal shares her ridiculous routine, viewers are encouraged NOT to follow Xrystal, but to find a realistic routine by showcasing Planet Fitness as your place to ease back in with tons of equipment and free fitness training to offer guidance. Not only did TV and OLV introduce the world to Xrystal with an X’s absurdity, consumers could follow her on Instagram: @XrystalwithanX to see the insanity continues.


The sale drove joins and achieved brand engagement: 


Video for Xrystal with an X

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Barkley, Planet Fitness


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