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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

POPS Integrated Marketing Campaign

Finalist in Integrated Campaign

Bronze Honor in Business to Business

Entered in Brand Identity, Branded Series


To empower US small businesses to put their people (employees) back into the center of their business.


Why? Because (and you’re sick of hearing it..) the “world of work has changed.” 


Employers, in response to an increasingly unsettled mindset among workers brought about through the pandemic, had to adjust how they treated employees. The “Great Resignation” became the “Great Reflection” and then…the “Great Reshuffle.” 


Business owners were struggling to find ways to attract and retain talent. Among other things, they considered adjusting outdated policies, introducing flexible/remote work, and increasing benefits. 


As a result HR — an often overlooked department — suddenly had a critical role: to help chariot this transformation.


Zenefits responded by creating a broad marketing campaign to educate and empower US small business owners on “a better way” to approach workforce management…one that puts a greater emphasis on employee well-being, while not losing business success.


It’s called People Operations — or POPS. 


POPS is a new way to manage human capital that leverages tech to complete nitty gritty aspects of HR so that “People Teams” can focus time/energy on more “human” aspects of people management (how to create happy teams; motivate individuals; retain top talent). 


Our goal was to provide a fiscally-feasible opportunity for any business owner to:

Our campaign slogan says it all: Goodbye HR, Hello People Operations.

Strategy and Execution

Target Audience: 

Any US small businesses (small business is defined by the federal government as companies with 1-500 employees). 


Core Challenge: 

Small businesses represent myriad industries, geographic regions, stages of business growth, etc. Connecting with such a varied group of people requires connecting via a broad approach for information dissemination. Small businesses also often have limited budgets, so we had to create tools and resources they could use on the cheap or for free. 


Key Execution Details: 


The Final Build: 










>> See our youtube video for a highlight reel.


We had two goals. 


(Goal #1)

To provide a fiscally-feasible opportunity for any business owner to:


(Goal #2)

To make a significant impact on our lead volume, sales, and revenue. 




Results for US Small Business Community

Amazon reviews:

...and secondly

Results for Zenefits

The POPS Integrated campaign top-of-funnel content generated $14M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2021, an increase of more than 30% from previous fiscal year; the philosophy underlies all content pieces and go-to-market, driving the creation of more than 150,000 prospects, more than 13,000 opportunities and the largest increase in both ARR and Closed/Won deals in five years...


Video for POPS Integrated Marketing Campaign

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