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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

HARIBO - Chewy Channel

Winner in IGTV, Branded Series

Silver Honor in Video


HARIBO is the world's leading manufacturer of gummi products and the original inventor of the gummi bear. Well-known around the world, HARIBO has strategically grown quickly in the U.S. since 2015 but continues to be on a brand awareness journey. Chewy Channel set out to engage more consumers with the brand through something they already do – playing with the fun shapes of HARIBO’s candy variety and bringing it to life. HARIBO set out  to break through the social space in an unexpected way, have a conversation with consumers and differentiate from competitors.



Strategy and Execution

Today’s modern consumer is obsessed with binge culture. The ability to non-stop stream episodes has become habitual. Yet, in the social world, attention spans continue to decrease. To overcome this, HARIBO shrank their ads - transforming their social feeds with bite-sized, must-stream content.


Introducing: the Chewy Channel. The world’s first streaming network for dwindling attention spans, where full episodes aren’t just binged, but microbinged in just seconds and are all powered by the tiny gummies you can’t help but play with. HARIBO created and branded a new habit: “microbinging” inspired by shrinking attention spans.  


With Magical Dramas, Mysteries and Family Sitcoms, the Chewy Channel borrows from all the classic streaming service tropes, including original scores, sequels, holiday specials, and interstitial episode screens. All series are built specifically for Instagram’s native UI, premiering original content every month, perfect for the internet’s preeminent micro broadcaster: IGTV.  Each series is announced with a digital movie poster and a trailer promoted within Instagram stories. Additional content like behind the scenes footage, including bloopers and memes drive conversation around the series among fans. All series are housed within Instagram highlights so anyone can catch up or view again.


But short attention spans weren’t the only challenges. In 2020, Instagram feeds were inundated with somber content on a wide range of topics. Many found themselves caught in a downward spiral of “doom scrolling” in their social feeds. HARIBO kept its promise of giving fans a channel to come to that inspires happiness. With bite-sized entertainment, both short and entertaining enough to hold viewers’ attention, HARIBO found a way to break through and keep them coming back for more.


In a world of social media clutter, Chewy Channel broke through the noise by creating content inspired by the platform and created a new viewing habit, microbinging. By using the product as stars, Chewy Channel created a groundswell of social conversation around HARIBO gummies. Fans loved that the gummi bears they devour were starring in unexpected content in their feeds in a way that felt so native to the channels they use. The Chewy Channel not only entertained audiences to keep them coming back for more, but also inspired them to share. Chewy Channel’s success has the numbers to prove it, outperforming benchmarks by staggering numbers.


●  Earned over 158 million impressions and 12.7 million video views

●  Completion rates for our 1 minute ads topped 17%

●  Achieved a 29% ThruPay Rate, beating initial benchmarks by 124%

●  Created micro-binging: an entirely new viewing habit for IGTV


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Barkley, HARIBO


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