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Granular Audience Strategy and Testing Drives Revenue and Higher AOV at Scale

Finalist in Beauty

Entered in Retail & E-Commerce, Facebook


ColourPop needed a data-driven and scalable media strategy to grow revenue efficiently while supporting ongoing product launches. Due to the visual nature of Facebook and Instagram, these platforms had the most opportunity for ColourPop’s
eye-catching products.

The brand’s biggest challenge had been its campaign organization: with a strong inventory of evergreen products paired with frequent seasonal product launches, ColourPop faced a wealth of audience engagement data across hundreds of products and no historical strategy of leveraging it. To continue growing revenue and AOV while maintaining a target ROAS, ColourPop needed a robust strategy and long-term testing framework that supported a number of business complexities:

● New products needed adequate visibility without competing with evergreen campaigns

● Frequent in-stock or out-of-stock changes required agility
● Multiple product lines presented a variety of remarketing audiences which would overlap with prospecting segments unless reconfigured

Strategy and Execution

Rise developed a granular strategy proven to serve the most targeted creative to the user with the highest propensity to engage, an approach that not only improves customer experience with the brand but also drives efficiency across campaigns.

In order to grow revenue while maintaining ROAS, ColourPop needed to reach existing and new customers. Since prospecting is inherently less efficient, the strategy required a balance of driving repeat purchasers as efficiently as possible to fuel prospecting tactics.

Part 1: More Sophisticated Audience Targeting Strategy

Expanding Prospecting Efforts to Fuel Remarketing Pools Prospect audience testing on Facebook and Instagram included platform audiences, such as lookalike and affinity groups, while proprietary audiences from past purchasers filled in the gaps. This focus on expanding prospecting efforts with tested creative served as ColourPop’s fuel for powerful remarketing tactics.

Thoughtful Remarketing Exclusions to Improve Efficiency Using Rise’s proprietary media optimization platform, we organized more than 370 audiences across Facebook to determine the most efficient mapping. Prospecting audiences native to Facebook and Instagram constituted top-of-funnel audiences, while remarketing audiences from highly-engaged page visitors, past purchasers
from the last 30 days, and cross-channel media traffic represented a portion of bottom-of-funnel audiences.

With a prioritized list of hundreds of audiences backed by historical performance data, Rise deployed thoughtful exclusions to minimize audience overlap and improve efficiency. Starting with the lowest-funnel audiences where no exclusions are applied, we can ensure that bottom-of-funnel creative is not competing against prospecting creative. As campaigns are built, more exclusions are applied to top-of-funnel audiences to drive audience-first KPIs and provide maximum control for increasing bids on the audiences impacting ColourPop’s bottom line.

Part 2: New Campaign Structure and Process to Balance Launches with Evergreen Winners
Rise tested a large catalog of ColourPop’s products using Dynamic Product Ads to identify top converting product lines that were consistently in-stock and developed evergreen campaigns to support those products.

ColourPop’s frequent product launches proved to be a massive advantage for this strategy, as page visitors and purchasers of similar products fueled new sub-audiences for future launches.

Each bi-weekly product release was assigned a unique campaign, including a variety of creative to highlight each product, and tailored targeting based on the specific theme of the collection. This consistent campaign strategy allowed for visibility of a
wider range of product offerings, including 34 new product launches, while allowing Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) to most efficiently allocate the budget among audiences, placements, and ads.

Part 3: Consistent Creative Testing Framework with Applicable Insights

Within each campaign, Rise implemented a structured testing process using a variety of ad types and creative content, with a granular measurement strategy to determine the most effective tactics per product type. By leveraging this data, Rise found that new ad types such as instant storefronts worked both to encourage engagement with users and to shorten the path to purchase.

All initiatives, including 370 audience segments across 3 Facebook-owned platforms, were enabled by Rise’s proprietary technology to act on performance insights at scale in real-time.


101% increase in spend YoY (July - Jan), with a 236% increase in revenue.

During the same period, the number of purchases increased by 87.47% and there was a 19.83% increase in AOV.

With a continued increase in audience testing, ROAS grew by 85% between Q3 and Q4.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Rise Interactive, ColourPop