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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Cetaphil Baby Generations Campaign

Entered in Art Direction, Medium-Length Video, Short Form Video


Portfolio Awareness: Drive home that Cetaphil is much more than its iconic Gentle Skin Cleanser by shifting from core communications to product innovation.

Win Target Early: Increase brand awareness among new moms who have yet to decide on their preferred baby skincare brand.

Distinction from Parent Brand: Leverage halo of Cetaphil master brand's equity in gentle skin and dermatologist recommendations to show the unique link between skin health and baby's wellbeing.

Strategy and Execution

Capitalize on consumers' emotional connection to the brand by:

•Increasing brand awareness amongst new moms who have yet to decide on their preferred baby skincare brand by instilling confidence in making decisions for baby

•Articulating that Cetaphil Baby is the right choice because it's the best brand to protect and nourish your baby's delicate skin

•Creating an ownable, emotional creative platform that leans into the heritage of the Cetaphil master brand, while defining a clear role for Cetaphil Baby. Platform was well received and approved by brand for use in public relations, digital marketing, and at point of sale

The agency felt strongly that video was the best medium to bring the new platform to life, as it captures the consumer's attention for a distinct period of time and visually showcases the functional and emotional aspects of the brand. The final Cetaphil Baby Generations videos were optimized for owned brand channels, including social, paid media, website, and retail product pages.


Lippe Taylor leveraged the video assets on organic YouTube. To date, the video has outperformed both parent company (Nestlé Skin Health) and skincare industry benchmarks for YouTube video completion rates (VCR).

99,354 total views

~5 million impressions

15s format – 32.85% VCR

Nestlé Skin Health Benchmark (:15s): 32.34%

Industry Benchmark (:15s): 23.00%

:06s format – 92.24% VCR

Nestlé Skin Health (:06s) Benchmark: 63.13%

Industry Benchmark (:06s): 90.00%

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Lippe Taylor, Cetaphil Baby