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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

NYC & Company

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True York City is an integrated campaign designed to attract Travelers: those who come here for a deeper exploration of the city, staying longer and spending more on local businesses. At a moment in time where NYC is facing its largest tourist influx ever (60mm+ in 2018), and is awash in the generic chain businesses catering to them, we aimed instead to inspire visitors to go deeper, stay longed, and spend their time and money locally to get the most honest experience of this town. We aim to offer something far more valuable than a selfie on an observation deck can ever provide, and in doing so help preserve and grow the local businesses that keep this town true.

Strategy and Execution

True York

New York City is not for everyone, it's just for those who truly want it.

NYC has hit record tourist visitation. As a 'brand' the city has close to 100% recognition, globally. The challenge ahead of us is not more people, but rather more value. We'll attract

who desire and respect this locale and its locals, who want to go farther and deeper, stay longer, and spend more.

To do this we must speak plainly and unselfconsciously from the heart,
that make this city great, from the point-of-view of the 8.5 million characters that call this city home and make it what it is.

We need to and We have a responsibility to offer the truest experience to all those who are up for it (locals and visitors alike). We owe our honest self to the world, for our

sake and theirs.

Tourists will continue to come to New York City, taking more sel es and souvenirs. But if we attract more Travelers—each of whom leaves a little piece of their hearts here with us—then we might be able to the very nature of New York City tourism, for everyone's bene t.


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NYC & Company


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