13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Instagrammer of the Year

Instagram is so simple, yet allows for seemingly endless creativity, with the best artists using it in ways that the rest of us may never have imagined. This year, these were the Instagrammers who showed us how original you can get on the app, doing so much more than simply posting pictures.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of Instagram, enter the Best on Instagram Shorty Award.


Celebs on Sandwiches
Celebrities, they’re just like us… but on sandwiches. Just like the name suggests, Instagrammer @celebsonsandwiches features the world’s biggest celebrities, like Jay Z, Barack Obama, Michael Phelps, and Ellen DeGeneres, sitting on all different kinds of sandwiches—from tuna melts to pastrami on rye. After going viral this year with features in Es…
Desirée De León
Atlanta-based Desirée De León has an eye for the tiny wonders of the world. Her @dcossyle Instagram account is a creative outlet while she pursues a PhD in neuroscience. She begins each piece with a blank white canvas, sketching first in pencil, then transferring into black ink, and always adding a three-dimensional household item or piece of natu…
Paulo del Valle
Paulo del Valle is a Brazil-based content creator who magically captures the light of tourist destinations from around the world through his Instagram lens. From San Francisco to Dubai, a lazy river to the Eiffel Tower, @paulodelvalle takes his 335K+ followers on his every global adventure. This year, he partnered with @Carrera eyewear to show how…
Stephen McMennamy
Any way you slice it, Stephen McMennamy is an Instagram genius. One of the masterminds behind AT&T’s cute candid kids ad campaign, he also makes the unimaginable come to life by combining moving or still images of two ordinary objects (with similar backgrounds to ensure continuity) and create a surreal and shareable experience for his 225K+ follow…
Vickie Liu
Vickie Liu has an Instagram feed so good you can almost taste it. The Melbourne, Australia-based “amateur baker and professional eater” makes sweet treats so cute you’re not sure whether to eat them or frame them. From holiday llamas dressed in their winter best to the entire cast of the Star Wars trilogy, no one is safe from the adorable baking …


Casey McPerry
Casey McPerry has a mesmerizing way with Instagram that initially looks ordinary, but is truly extraordinary. Each post seems at first like a casual travel shot, but is really a Dali-esque collage of all the wonderful things Casey encountered in that moment. He combines still images, videos, and song in a way that makes his Instagram feed not only unique, b…
Gray Malin
In his own words, Gray Malin is “on a mission to make everyday a getaway” through his whimsical photos and compelling Instagram account. The fine-art photographer and New York Times best-selling author of this year’s Beaches loves two things: the ocean, and things that float—whether it’s himself suspended high above the Earth while taking a jaw-dropping #ae…
Mari Andrew
Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator who can sum up some of life’s little lessons all in one Instagram post. Mari took her pen and ink to Instagram after some tough times in 2015 to create an ongoing series of humbly relatable copy-based sketches about love, hope, politics, friendship, and anything else she feels in her daily life. Her account took off i…
Rafael Mantesso
Rafael Mantesso is obsessed with his bull terrier Jimmy, and has subsequently made him one of the more famous #dogsofinstagram. With a white background, a black marker, and a camera, Rafael can make Jimmy look like he’s on any kind of adventure, all inside their apartment in Brazil. With some good training and proper rewards, Rafael captures Jimmy in the mo…
Ryan Burke
Ryan Burke is anything but conventional—in his work or otherwise. His otherworldly self-portraits are entirely personal creations, with Ryan artfully executing everything from hair and makeup to staging, shooting, and editing each photo himself. At first glance, it’s difficult to tell whether the elaborate designs found in his Instagram posts are photos or …
Studio Mucci
What started as a space for designer Amina Mucciolo to show off her colorful home decor, the @studiomucci Instagram feed has transformed her into a bona fide social media personality. She’s many things—an animal lover, a wife, a vegetarian, a potty mouth, and a “Unicorn.” And with her penchant for vibrant, candy-colored everything, she’s like a modern day L…

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