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The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Gaming

It used to be that you could share your video gaming skills only with the number of friends who fit on your couch, but YouTube and various live streaming platforms allow players to share their abilities, and their personalities, with the entire world. The world has responded, making social gaming one of the hottest trends on the web. Our nominees are those gamers whose innovations and talent brought them the most attention this year.

If you're a video game maker or marketer looking for recognition for your use of social media to promote games enter the the Best in Games Shorty Award.


With a @FunhausTeam made up of “beards and video games,” a pack of dudes (and one girl) play games, host talk-show podcast Dude Soup, and field fan Q&As with rollicking, inspired commentary. Joining forces with leading production company Rooster Teeth in 2015, Funhaus has already amassed 1M+ YouTube subscribers and 400M+ channel views. Entertainin…
Uploading her artistic and gaming web videos at her husband’s encouragement, designer and gamer Tiffany Garcia, aka Cupquake, now has 5M+ YouTube subscribers and over 2 billion channel views. With her hallmark “Minecraft Oasis” YouTube plays, Tiffany has expanded her iHasCupquake game uploads with creative and artistic ventures that include cospla…
With “Gaming videos that will make you laugh” on his speedyw03 YouTube page, and “More gaming videos that will make you laugh” on his newer KYRSP33DY account, Lucas “Speedy” Watson is a professional gamer known for his comedic banter, GTA and Call of Duty trolling videos, “Camper Justice” CoD series, “Funny Moments” videos, and “Ninja Defuse” mont…
Creator and producer of YouTube channels The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, and GTLive, among others, Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, serves up theoretical explorations and analyses of favorite video games and films, along with live streamed gameplay to a combined YouTube subscriber base of over 11 million, with content ranging from “The SECRET …
The “flippin’ heck” British gamer with a love of cats and tomb-raiding, Yogscast content creator Hannah Rutherford aka @Lomadia has built a large following for her own spirited gameplay commentaries on Twitch and YouTube. With 1M+ YOGSCAST Hannah YouTube channel subscribers and 40K+ YogsLomadia Twitch followers, Hannah is well-known for her Let’s …


Cat-loving celebrity gamer and live streamer Jess “Aphmau” is a Minecraft-centric broadcaster, with 2.5M+ YouTube channel subscribers. From Minecraft creations to Twitch streams and her popular “Minecraft Diaries” YouTube role-play series, she has amassed millions of views, taking fans on riveting adventures with touching character-driven storylines. Using …
Extra Credits
Popular weekly YouTube channel/webseries Extra Credits analyzes all things gaming. Created by Daniel Floyd and James Portnow, with a collective team of artists, Extra Credits covers video game topics in a series of animated lecture hall-style lessons, using visual imagery and puns to present subject explorations from gender discrimination to gamification an…
From family activity to YouTube sensation with 2.7M+ subscribers and over 3 billion channel views, “the Family Gaming team” behind FGTeeV broadcasts combination gameplay and comedy sketch videos. The family of six’s diverse gameplays include Minecraft demos, Let’s Play Super Mario Maker videos, and Angry Birds and Lego Dimensions toy unboxing clips. Battlin…
A master of mods, gamer and content creator NoahJ456 broadcasts playthroughs from the mainstream to the personally modified. Launching his YouTube channel with “Call of Duty Lobby Rap Freestyle,” NoahJ456 has since built a devoted fanbase, with over 2.5M YouTube channel subscribers and 360K+ Twitch followers. With trademark Call of Duty and GTA streams, Noa…
The Diamond Minecart
Gamer, Guinness World Records holder and 2015 #1 ranked YouTuber, Daniel Middleton (aka @DanTDM) has built his celebrity through custom Minecraft mods to a following of 13M+ YouTube subscribers. From TheDiamondMinecart Let’s Plays, including The Diamond Dimensions modpack, to daily reviews, real-life based “MoreTDM” vlogs, and fan-made content, Daniel has a…
The Syndicate Project
The first streamer to hit the 1M follower mark on Twitch, Tom Cassell’s Syndicate is currently the most followed Twitch channel with 2.4M+ people tuning in. Expanding to YouTube in 2014, Tom’s TheSyndicateProject channel is one of YouTube’s top 100, nearing 10M subscribers. Popularized by his gameplays of CoD: MW2 and Black Ops zombies and Minecraft, with s…

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