11th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The regular entry deadline is February 7th, 2019.

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Breakout YouTuber

Sometimes a huge web following grows virtually overnight when a viral video or prestigious award brings a creator into the spotlight, and sometimes it takes years of gradual accumulation, but it doesn’t happen for everybody. This year, these up-and-coming YouTubers stood out from the crowd with their unique voices, each of them ready to hit the big time.


Alexis G. Zall
YouTube creator and actress Alexis G. Zall welcomes fans to her “tumultuous coming of age story” through humor, relatability, and “unapologetically weird” videos. Crossing the 1M subscriber threshold in 2016, Alexis’s broadcasts on her self-titled YouTube channel feature quirky adventures, milestones, and YouTuber collaborations, including the c...
Bretman Rock
Named “The Internet’s most fabulously fierce makeup guru” by The Huffington Post, makeup artist with personalized merch line Bretman Rock has contoured his way to celebrity, with sassy makeup tutorial videos and viral sensation “How to Contour” achieving millions of unique views. From 200K to 2.7M Instagram followers in just two months (and now ...
Evelyn From the Internets
Evelyn From The Internets invites you to “her crevice of the internet.” From beauty tutorials to cultural critiques, the Austin-based YouTuber inspires and entertains fans through diverse YouTube dialogues and ever-present humor. After her Lemonade YouTube video got sampled by Beyonce for the Formation World Tour, Evelyn’s exposure has increased...
Mikey Murphy
Actor and YouTuber Mikey Murphy launched his career on the platform with his 2013 video "What I Do When I Am Home Alone!” and quickly established himself as a key influencer through comedic vlogs and collaborations. Known for his popular weekly videos including “People Telling Their Crush They Like Them” (with 2M+ views), Mikey and fellow YouTub...
Ozzy Man Reviews
“Bloody tellin’ it straight,” Aussie video commentator and comic Ethan Marrell (aka Ozzy Man) leaves nothing unreviewed. Broadcasting viral TV and film critiques of everything from Game of Thrones to a Planet Earth 2 Iguana vs Snakes battle (with millions of views), as well as random reviews of creepy clowns, other YouTubers, animal scuffles, wo...


Adrian Bliss
British YouTuber Adrian Bliss reflects social media back upon itself in his satirical YouTube sketches. Gaining insight through his work with other diverse YouTubers, Adrian applied that perspective to his self-titled channel, at first posting videos portraying a futuristic social-media-dominated world (complete with YouTube mothership). Those videos, alo...
Alexa Losey
Actress and beauty/fashion influencer Alexa Losey promotes self-expression through humor, empathy, and insight. From early Vine star to YouTube personality with close to 1M subscribers, Alexa’s weekly broadcasts include shopping hauls, life milestones, beauty routines, dating Q&As, GRWMs, and lookbooks, featuring frequent collaborations with other YouTube...
Brendan Jordan
YouTuber, influencer, and LGBTQ+ activist Brendan Jordan wants a world of “absolute freedom and fabulousness.” Starting when a video of his Lady Gaga-style dancing in the background of a local newscast went viral, Brendan is now a YouTube celebrity with 14M+ channel views, attracting global media attention and A-list fans including Queen Latifah and RuPau...
Morgan Hanbery
Beauty guru Morgan Hanbery relies on profanity to help get through doing her makeup. With the viral “bullshit makeup tutorial” series, her YouTube channel serves as the hilarious and relatable antithesis to the internet’s endless daunting makeup videos. Helping followers to not “end up with a shitty look,” Morgan regales in expletives, eyeliner, and song,...
Savannah Brown
American-born poet, author, and YouTube influencer living in London, Savannah Brown draws on her experiences to inspire using the written and spoken word. Launching her self-titled YouTube channel as an outlet for her insights, creative expressions, and as a forum to read her writings, Savannah quickly rose to online celebrity through relatable and person...
“Where funny goes to die,” 18-year-old Sabrina Cruz’s YouTube channel NerdyAndQuirky has captured and captivated her rapidly growing fanbase with all things uncool. Hailed as “queen of the nerds” by The Daily Dot’s “Woman Crush Wednesday,” Sabrina regales fans with pop culture and historical explorations including “MOST OF STAR WARS IN 3 MINUTES” and her ...

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The Regular Entry Deadline is February 7th, 2019