13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Activism

There are so many good causes to fight for, but every one of them needs someone to speak out so that others can join in and help. Our nominees have used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms to stand up for their beliefs, create awareness of important issues, and effect positive change in the world around them.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of social media in this space, enter the Best Social Good Campaign Shorty Award.


Jazz Jennings
As Jazz Jennings says, “I’m trans & proud, but ya’ll already knew that!” At 16, Jazz is one of the youngest transgender figures in the public eye, working as a YouTube star, model, and LGBTQ+ activist. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Jazz is the voice of so many who need someone to help them speak. Her YouTube-turned-TLC show I Am Jazz, w…
Jesse WIlliams
Jesse Williams isn’t just another good looking face on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and doesn’t just play a civil rights activist in the movies. He is a voice for the disenfranchised black community, using his moments in the spotlight to talk about the issues that African-Americans continue to face today. During his acceptance speech for the humanitarian …
Leonardo DiCaprio
When he’s not walking the red carpet, Leonardo DiCaprio is fighting against climate change through meetings with POTUS, UN addresses, and influential documentaries. After winning an Oscar this year for his role in The Revenant, he used his acceptance speech as a platform to address environmental causes and the worsening state of our planet’s healt…
Shailene Woodley
She might walk the red carpet and appear at Fashion Week, but Shailene Woodley is no average Hollywood “it” girl. Shailene believes in using her star power for the greater good, this year speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline as part of the #NoDAPL movement. While protesting at Standing Rock on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, she was arrested—s…
Zellie Imani
It’s hard to fit Zellie Imani into a box, as his advocacy takes so many different forms. He crusades from the classroom, from his blog, and from Twitter, using powerful words and striking images of the America we live in today to raise awareness of important issues in the black community. While reality might be harsh, Zellie can not and will not l…


Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben is the environmentalist that the world needs right now, working on the front lines of the war against global warming. As the founder of 350.org, he’s building a global climate movement. This year, he took to his 200K+ Twitter followers to spread the word on Trump’s lack of environmental intelligence, and helped push the #NoDAPL movement forwar…
Dustin Lance Black
When he’s not busy screenwriting, directing, winning an Academy Award, or traveling the world with celebrity diver and fiancé Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black is activating for the rights of his LGBTQ+ community. He’s a leader in Hollywood for bringing stories about gay rights to the screen and stage, most recently with his play 8 about the federal trial that …
Johnetta Elzie
Johnetta Elzie is an African-American civil rights activist, and a strong voice of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. After the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Netta joined up and helped map police brutality across the nation to show just how bad the injustice inflicted on the black community by police really is. As the list of black lives tragically lo…
Mariame Kaba
Mariame Kaba, aka @prisonculture on her popular Twitter feed, isn’t afraid to stand up for her rights and the rights of all of those who are oppressed and discriminated against in American society. As founder of Project NIA, she works to keep #NoYouthInPrison through advocacy, education, and research; and as cofounder of Chicago Taskforce, she works to stop…
Peter Tatchell
Peter Tatchell has one of the most impressive political activist resumes around. He’s been fighting for human rights for 50 years, with no end in sight. He tells his 70K Twitter followers, “Don’t accept the world as it is. Dream of what the world could be - then help make it happen.” From protesting neo-Nazis in Moscow to attempting a citizen’s arrest of Zi…
Valeisha Butterfield-Jones
Valeisha Butterfield-Jones is one of the most powerful female black voices out there today. She is the Head of Black Community Engagement at Google and the co-founder and CEO of Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN). While she’s worked for powerful men like Russell Simmons and Barack Obama, her mission has always been to break the glass ceiling.…

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