11th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is November 29th, 2018.

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards YouNower of the Year

Every year the social media world has a new kid on the block. YouNow lets its users broadcast and share their worlds live to fans and friends around the world. This award is for those who have had the biggest year all while doing it live.


Emma McGann
Emma McGann is a self-made musician from the UK. She’s been awarded the Fm Musician of the Year and continues to rock out with her fans. While she continues to gain airplay on BBC radio, she connects with fans through her YouNow channel where she offers free shows and takes requests from live fans, IRL.
Hailey Knox
The 17-year-old singer/songwriter Hailey Knox has captivated audiences and industry professionals with her soulful, ethereal vocals. Launching her career independently through YouTube videos, vines and the livestreaming platform YouNow, Hailey has become a highly sought after artist among labels, publishers, celebrities and fans, with Meghan Tra...
Jelly and Day
Jelly and Day love each other, almost as much as their YouNow fans love them. They’re a lesbian couple who are not afraid to show their supporters their true life, day to day. As two young married people, they keep it interesting by live streaming their life including anything from dog life, to video games, to Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae parodies.
RudanC is known for his dance moves on YouTube, but on YouNow he’s like a buddy of yours sitting across the screen. He’s got a lot of his own buddies featured in his videos where they mess around playing truth or dare, learning different dance routines, testing trivia, and sometimes even helping others out. RudanC lets his fans into every part...
SnowMarite is an artist who truly lets you watch her create. Whatever she might be making, she’ll let you watch from start to finish on her YouNow channel, while also listening to the latest hits. With a stroke of her pen or a swipe of her hand, she creates an engagement with her fans through her art and live stream.


Brittany J Smith
Brittany J Smith is an extremely talented singer who gives a free concert to her YouNow fans every of couple days, covering anything from gospel to disco, Disney classics to 80s rock. You’ll catch her in her usual pixie cut, dramatic eyeliner and eclectic style to go along with the theme of songs for that evening. She’ll even shout you out if you tell h...
Frank Gioia
Frank Gioia, aka CrankThatFrank, lives to make you smile. Beginning his online career in 2013, crafting YouTube videos from his New Jersey bedroom, Frank’s entertaining daily video blogs, advice segments, and popular “torture" challenges—such as eating the world’s largest gummy worm—have charmed and grown his online community. With more than 84k YouTube s...
Mr. Cashier
Mr. Cashier is a YouNow star for the #guys of the world. Mr. Cashier, AKA Tayser, is a self-made social media icon and singer. While he might joke that he needs to find better things to do with his time, his nearly 210k fans would disagree. He prefers to give a glimpse into his life and music through video-based social platforms, splitting his time bet...
Nick Bean
Nick Bean broadcasts daily for his fans and “mermaids" alike. Nick isn’t just another cute guy with a guitar streaming on the Internet; he writes, raps and produces original songs covering what’s hot in pop culture at the moment. If you follow him, he’ll likely follow you back -- and, if you’re lucky, you might be his #wifiwifey and get some #Netflixand...
The Dapper Rapper
TheDapperRapper is a bearded white hipster guy rapping fresh lyrics live on YouNow from the comfort of his office chair. He can be caught rhyming words late night, before work, or during those afternoon vibes. Any true fan of #hiphop would appreciate TheDapperRapper’s style and flow as he totally lives up to his name.
Tina Woods
15 year-old Tina Woods took her YouTube and Vine fanbase from her TooTurntTina page to YouNow where she can be seen singing, chatting, and usually sitting in the dark on her bed. Her 185k fans on YouNow get a glimpse into the life of an ordinary girl who likes to share her everyday with the rest of the world, no matter how mundane or exciting.

About the Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media.

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The Early Entry Deadline is November 29, 2018