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Special Project

Special Project

From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards Vineographer

What could you do with six seconds?

The #Vineographer Award presented in partnership with Univision honors the best producers of Vine videos who are able to truly fit Univision’s mission to inform empower and entertain. Vine has changed the game for video producers by provoking a new type of artist. These video mavericks rise to the challenge; they not only make high quality content that viewers watch repeatedly, but artfully craft vines which inform, empower and entertain a world-wide audience all within six seconds.

Eligible Vineographers include people that use Vine to inform others such as news makers and reporters, or those who use their Vines to empower others by teaching them new skills and mobilizing to take action, or those who use Vine to entertain others through their ingenious six second works such as actors, musicians and comedians.

Anyone can make an amazing several minute video, but it takes a great Vineographer to be a video-genius by making the same quality video in only six seconds!