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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Twitch Streamer of the Year

Social media brings you content in rapid time, and certainly nothing is quicker than watching your favorite creators live. With the world’s best entertainers all gathered on this platform, fans interact with their favorites in ways other platforms don’t allow. Through unmatched skill and engagement, these Twitch streamers established themselves as powerhouses on the platform this year.

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The pro gamer and Twitch partner with 580K+ followers has become a forefront voice for female inclusion and respect in the gaming industry. Known best for her live streams of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Anne has long been one of the faces of the gaming community. After being one of the first gamers invited to the White House in 2016, she was t…
Part of the powerhouse squad Offline TV, Lily Ki, aka LilyPichu, is host to one of the most popular "Just Chatting" channels on Twitch. As a child, Lily’s family moved around a lot, so she dove deep into art, music and video games as an escape. Now, Lily can do a little bit of everything, dominating League of Legends, teaching her fans art and dra…
If you see Loeya’s name, you’re either a fan watching her stream or an opponent about to be eliminated from the game. It’s this type of fear and awe that’s earned her a following of 1M+ on Twitch, who tune in to watch Olivia do what she does best, and that’s win. While Fortnite is her main game of choice, she’s been known to dabble in other games …
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez is the 25 year old Twitch streamer known best under the moniker ChicaLive, regularly playing games like Fortnite for her massive following. After her parents introduced her to gaming in her early years, Maria was hooked, starting her professional gaming career shortly after finishing high school. Now, 460K+ followers and 4M+ views late…
Brett Hoffman has made quite the name for himself gaming on Twitch, where he’s known, and feared, under the name dakotaz. Known best for his lethalness in battle royals games like Fortnite and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, the "no gimmicks, all skill" gamer is amassing followers and streams by the millions. Crossing 4M followers and 110M+ video …


An avid basketball fan and player at a young Age, Mario’s playing days were tragically cut short by a debilitating medical condition that forced him to hang up his jersey prematurely. Thankfully, Mario had a knack for video games, where he quickly picked up NBA2K and the rest, as they say, is history. Now with 310K+ Twitch followers on his @Annoying channel…
DeeJayKnight has made a name for himself on Twitch and in the gaming community by speaking his mind and not being scared to clapback at haters, racists and trolls. An expert Magic: The Gathering player, his Facebook claims he’s "has been a gamer since the Atari 2600, has wrestled and defeated alligators with only his toes, and once aligned all the planets i…
Elisabeth, the badass and well-skilled gamer known as EeveeA_ is simply "out here trying to not lose my mind." The Maryland-natie has been able to rack up 80K+ followers on the platform through her T500 Mercy gameplay. She’s living her loudest and proudest life on Twitch, as an MtF lesbian, who represented the platform during Pride Month, streaming to help …
Fem Steph
Stephanie Driscoll worked in digital marketing for video game publishing when she first stumbled upon Twitch. In fact, she derived her gamer name, FemSteph, from the first game she ever worked on. Now years later, the multi-talented gamer is one of the predominant Twitch streamers, particularly for the popular game Escape from Tarkov as of late. Steph now h…
Live streaming superstar Nick Kolcheff is taking his #MFAM exclusively to Twitch. With world records for his Fornite gameplay, the former MLG National Champion, esports gamer and OG streamer, Nick has amassed over 3M Twitch followers. From formidable Fortnite gameplay to "rage moments" to calling out stream snipers, Nick’s #MFAM fanbase faithfully follow hi…
Despite what she claims, Janet Rose is not "Just your girl from Canada." She’s also XChocoBars, a feared League of Legends player with 515K+ followers on her Twitch channel. Janet says, "When you're happy I’m happy," but her fans know she’s happiest when she’s dominating her opponents on the map and in front of her international audience, known affectionate…

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