13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Arts

As new social media platforms continue to emerge, artists find new ways to showcase their creativity and passions. Sometimes, they even create new art using the new platform! Thanks to their ingenuity, people all over the world have access to art and artists that they would normally have to travel miles to see in an art gallery.


Adam Hillman
Multimedia artist and object arranger Adam Hillman creates beautiful arrangements that look good enough to eat. And that’s because often times, they actually are! His colorful collections use differences in color and texture in a variety of objects ranging from paper clips to tic tacs to food, wrapping, peeling, chopping and arranging the objects …
Mike Bennett Art
Sometimes art is totally fictitious and sometimes art is astounding because of its biting realism. Mike Bennett has found a way to blue those lines through his wildly popular TikTok account, where he inserts wooden cutouts of cartoon or video game figures. For pop-culture fanatics who love seeing their favorite characters out of their normal eleme…
Pablo Rochat
Pablo Rochat is one of the most highly sought-after Art Directors in the tech world. His focus on endless fun and riffing in his work combines with a genius for understanding how humans interact with the physical world to create playful works of public art that have made him a hit on social media. In 2019, he launched one of the simplest and yet m…
Positively Present
Staying positive isn’t easy these days. That’s why Dani DiPirro, the artist behind Positively Present on Instagram, does what she does. Her colorful and engaging illustrations serve as reminders to be kind to ourselves, to love the planet and those around us, and to connect more deeply with the present moment. November marked the return of her gra…
Bigger is most certainly not always better in the art world. Take for example Zozo, aka strawberrypuffcake, an Instagram artist who produces marvelous polymer clay/Fimo miniatures, many of which are no bigger than a thumbnail. On her Instagram account boasting over 290K followers, she displays tiny sculptures of everything from sushi and cherry pi…


Cindy Sherman
Point blank, Cindy Sherman is an icon of the fine art world. Her shape-shifting photographic explorations of self portrait have become some of the most recognizable and influential pieces in contemporary art. For what it’s worth, she also made the "selfie" an art form years before it became mainstream, though, in a must-read profile by the WSJ this year, sh…
Cécile Dormeau
They say pictures speak a thousand words, but Cécile Dormeau illustrations say so much more. The French artist uses Instagram as a platform to showcase the trials and tribulations of the modern woman, tackling tough subjects like body positivity, dating and misogyny with a cleverness through bright, simple and engaging portraits. Her pointed humor makes her…
David LaChapelle
David LaChapelle has been a big name in the arts world for years, continuing to redefine himself by working with some of the hottest artists and biggest celebrities on the planet. Coming off a year when he worked with rapper Travis Scott on the album cover for his new record Astroland, 2019 was another smash hit for David LaChapelle. The world renowned phot…
Street art illusionist Odeith does incredible things with just a little bit of paint and a whole lot of imagination. This Portugese artist creates unmatched depth and texture in his work, tricking the eye into thinking something like a stack of concrete blocks is really a broken down city bus. His large scale, photorealistic portraits of bees, frogs, and ce…
Paper Boyo
Where most people see buildings, landscapes, or everyday items, Rich McCor, aka paperboyo, sees a canvas for his masterpieces. The London-based artist playfully breaks down the boundaries between art and reality as he transforms landmarks with a signature appeal. His trick is to create detailed black paper cutouts that he places in the foreground of scenic …
Samantha Rothenberg
While art can often feel too highbrow or formal to connect to, illustrator Samantha Rothenberg creates "screenshot Stories in highlights" that her 180K+ Instagram followers can relate to. The feminist illustrator known as violetclair has a lot to say about the world, and she’s got a humorous and engaging way to doing just that. Her account speaks to the exp…

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