5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best YouTube Comedian

Few people make their fans laugh harder than YouTube Comedians, who constantly find new ways to entertain the masses through vlogs, sketches, or just being themselves. Now with just the click of a button, people from all over are able to bring their senses of humor to social media.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of YouTube, enter the Best on YouTube Shorty Award.


Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson has been on his YouTube grind for years, uploading his first video eight years ago. Something must have clicked for the comedy vet, who had his biggest year to date, growing his subscriber count by nearly 500K over the course of 2018. Now with 790K+, a number that is rising fast, even more people are enjoying the light hearted comedy G…
Joana Ceddia
Joana Ceddia burst onto the YouTube vlogging scene in 2018, gaining nearly 2M subscribers since posting her first video in June, leading the internet to wonder who this person was. But after watching a few videos, it’s evident that Joana has the comedic touch that makes her channel stand out. Her quirky and unique approach to humor stands out as m…
Kalen Allen
Kalen Allen initially grew his channel on YouTube posting reviews and reaction videos, watching and commenting on cooking videos. Sensing the same magic the rest of the internet did, Ellen DeGeneres signed Kalen to post his videos under the EllenTube umbrella, expanding his repertoire as he now reacts to the Golden Globes, raps about Thanksgiving …
Mikaela Long
Mikaela Long initially made a name for herself posting comedy videos on Vine, Mikaela was forced to shift platforms when the app closed in 2017. Thank god she did, because she is bringing comedy gold to YouTube. Now with her audience of more than 700K subscribers, nearly all of which were gained during 2018, the 24 year old comedian is tackling dr…
Rachel Ballinger
Rachel Ballinger has been a YouTube favorite for years now, posting new videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Rachel enjoyed a successful year, posting her two most popular videos of all time, receiving 8M and 9M views and growing her combined YouTube subscriber count to over 3M. With her unique takes on everyday life, from sexist toys to store brand…


Evelyn from the Internets
Known for funny, refreshing takes on everyday life, Evelyn Ngugi, aka Evelyn From the Internets has been one of the funniest creators on YouTube for years. Her videos focus on various aspects of society and life, satirising culture and the challenges she personally faces everyday. In her most popular video of the year, “I Tried All 14 Original Flavors Of La…
Jarvis Johnson
YouTube vlogger, software engineer and all around funny guy Jarvis Johnson delighted audiences in 2018 with his witty banter and timely topical videos. Jarvis boosted his subscriber base to over 590K last year, with his channel standing out due to his razor sharp criticism of the social media landscape. Informed by his professional background having worked …
Karina Garcia
Slime is how YouTube DIY sensation Karina Garcia made her name. Her lifestyle and craft blog is home to a variety of videos, but among the hauls, makeup tutorials, and DIYs, but her strong suit has proven to be slime. Since then, she’s broadened her slime acumen, including scented slimes, textured slimes, and more, all to the delight of her nearly 9M subscr…
Teen YouTube sensation Morgan Hudson is big on creating challenges, from the “staying in the worst rated hotel” challenge to both weight loss and weight gain challenges, he’s big on putting it on the line. Adding nearly 5M subscribers to his channel last year, Morgz has clearly struck a nerve with young audiences across the internet who tune in to see what …
Nick Antonyan
Actor and comedian best known for his Road to Comedy series, Nick Antonyan, aka JONAH, has turned his struggle to make it in Hollywood into YouTube gold. He launched his own channel complete with skits, pranks, and videos detailing his life as part of the Vlog Squad. This past year, he crossed over the 200K follower mark, thanks to his hilarious and popular…
Tré Melvin
Known for producing hilarious parody videos of viral videos, Tré Melvin is an actor, singer, philanthropist, and YouTube personality with more than 3M subscribers. The Ohio-native is a YouTube veteran, posting videos on the platform for over 6 years, has established himself as a master of disguise, introducing the world to his iconic assortment of character…

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