12th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The final deadline to vote for your favorite nominee or to enter your brand or organization was on Thursday, February 20th, 2020.


Honoring the most notable and viral influencers and creators from 2020. See below for official categories.

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The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best Animal

Humans’ love of animals has led to some of the internet’s most amazing moments. Thankfully, animal owners, rescuers and friends all over the world are sharing their experience with their cute companions. Some wear people clothes, some explore nature’s most majestic spots, but all of them bring something truly great to the internet.

If you’re a brand or agency doing work in this fuzzy space, consider entering your work in the Pet & Animals brand category.


Juniper & Fig
What’s better than an Instagram account with one adorable fox? An account with two adorable foxes! Enter Juniper & Fig, two North American red foxes who live at home with a menagerie of other rescued animals. They act as hosts to the charming family of chinchillas, squirrels, and doggos who also live the good life in Pensacola, Florida. Dubbed the…
Lucas the Spider
While these eight-legged creatures usually inspire gasps and fear, Lucas the Spider isn’t your average creepy crawly. An animated jumping spider created by former Joshua Slice and voiced by his young nephew, Lucas is an adorable little critter created to help cure children’s fear of spiders by introducing the animal in a cuter, less terrifying man…
Stella Max Pig
Stella Max Johnson will tell you she’s “kind of a pig deal.” Stella started the year hot off a viral holiday video of her cozying up to a warm heater, a video that attracted media attention fast from the likes of BuzzFeed Animals and People Magazine among others. Now with 200K+ followers on Instagram and a feed sure to crack a smile, this potty-tr…
Suki Cat
While dogs are usually portrayed as adventurous pets, Suki Cat is proving that cats can be just as bold in the outdoors. A bengal cat who explores the Canadian countryside with her person, landscape photographer Martina Gutfreund, this feline has racked up more than 1M followers. This handsome and daring adventure cat can be seen perched above som…
Walter Good Boy
He’s 9, likes raps, collects quarters, and is the inventor of the spramphop. He's also the proud owner of Tails 4U by WGB, a line of luxurious tail extensions for pets. Walter Good Boy took over the gram with a combination of hilarious captions (he writes a mean haiku), heart-melting adorableness and a tiny pink tongue that hangs ever so perfectly…


Bertie Bert the Pom
Artists aren’t the only ones who flock to the Big Apple to make their name at a gallery. Meet Bertram The Pomeranian, a pomeranian puppy who at five months old was left at a shelter outside Tulsa by a breeder who deemed him “too big to sell.” Since he was adopted by art gallery owner Kathy Grayson five years ago, the pup’s Instagram page has become a viral …
Jack the Cockatiel
This “lovable and curious cockatiel” has been fluttering his tiny wings on Instagram for a few years now, bringing nothing but smiles to the faces of his followers. Jack is a Cockatiel from Brazil who has mastered the platform to the delight of his fans, often sharing the stage with his best friend, a tiny Teddy Bear. His minimalist approach to photography …
Loki the Wolfdog
Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you Loki the Wolfdog has been “breakin’ hearts since 2012.” Denver-based outdoorsman Kelly Lund started documenting the relationship with his best friend Loki, a low-content wolf hybrid, on Instagram with no expectations of stardom. Five years and nearly 2M followers later, their journey through the rugged mountain wilderness of…
Ludwik Guinea Pig
Ludwik the Guinea Pig truly lives the “no hair, don’t care” lifestyle. A self described "zero to hero" story, this naked guinea pig from Poland went from an abandoned shelter pet to instagram celebrity in less than a year. Sift through his feed and it’s easy to see why. Whether Ludwik is wearing the most interesting outfits and chowing on his favorite foods…
Tinkerbelle the Dog
Few people live as luxurious lives as Tinkerbelle the Dog. A model, actress, and professional diva, Tinkerbelle has become a celebrity on the gram, posing all over the world and rocking all the hottest designer brands. Garnered attention from all sorts of media outlets, including Elite Daily, Fox Business and People, the “5lbs of fierce fabulous fluff” even…
Woof + Walls
On Instagram, two of the most popular things to capture and upload are cute dogs and beautiful street art. Enter Crystal Serowka, who created the account Woof + Walls, an account showcasing the best dressed dogs living the city life. This account features dogs from around the world, each photographed in front of vibrant street art and graffiti. Crystal even…

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