5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

The early deadline is on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Education

Knowing that social media can be the best way to get a message across to people all over the world, these nominees used that power to educate their audiences. Whether it’s traditional science lessons or financial planning, random facts or how to build a fire with sticks, these creators showed an extraordinary ability to educate and entertain.

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Leland Melvin
Just because he’s retired as an astronaut doesn’t mean Leland Melvin has stopped exploring. The only person ever to play in the NFL and also fly in outer space, Leland spent over 565 hours of his life in space across two journeys into the great unknown. Since hanging up his space boots, the Virginian has dedicated his time to educating the public …
Meet Arnold
What better way is there to teach kids biology, physics, chemistry, and other science lessons than by repeatedly killing a little animated man named Arnold? Starting in August of 2017, the Meet Arnold channel’s brutally funny YouTube videos have earned 1.2M+ subscribers, all tuning in to see each new way Arnold dies. Launching only in August 2017,…
Primitive Technology
You know in the movies when characters get stranded on islands and start fires with sticks? Or history lessons about people that lived in mud huts? Well, thanks to John Plant and his Primitive Technology YouTube channel, anyone on the internet can learn to make the objects necessary for survival out of basic natural materials. If you think you’re …
The School of Life
The School of Life entertains and educates 3M+ YouTube subscribers with videos exploring subjects like “Why We Eat Too Much,” “How To Recount Your Dreams,” and even “How To Seduce Someone With Confidence.” Adding over 1.3M subscribers this year alone, the channel created by best-selling Swiss author Alain de Botton continued to post some of the mo…
Tom Scott
Tom Scott says he makes things despite knowing “they will probably come back to haunt me in a few years’ time.” In his web series Things You Might Not Know, Amazing Places and Built for Science, the London-based YouTuber teaches 1M+ subscribers about everything from science and technology to history, languages, and sociology. Tom also hosts panel …


Angela Duckworth
Theories about the best way to educate our youth have always been hotly debated, and psychologist Angela Duckworth is a leading figure in the current discussion. The New York Times claims that Angela, “made 'grit' the reigning buzzword in education-policy circles,” working as the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University …
Henry Reich
Whether it’s through MinutePhysics or MinuteEarth, Henry Reich is trying to get people excited about learning. Using YouTube to teach millions of people around the world about science or our awesome planet, Henry has amassed nearly 6M subscribers between those two main channels, posting hand-drawn animations that break down the science and history behind to…
Joe Hanson
No, Dr. Joe Hanson is not actually a LEGO man. But he is actually a doctor. Creator of the blog and YouTube series It’s Ok To Be Smart, Dr. Joe uploads new videos each week for 1.7M+ YouTube subscribers curious about biology, physics, and Earth science. With a Ph.D in Biology, the Austin-based YouTuber is accomplishing his mission “to tell the world about t…
Physics Fun
Most people don’t think of putting the words “physics” and “fun” next to each other, but Dr. Raymond Hall, determined to prove the Physics haters wrong, created @physicsfun to show that science can be pretty entertaining. Whether he uses toys, gizmos, or gadgets to help illustrate various scientific principals, Dr. Hall makes sure to explain clearly how any…
The Financial Diet
Blogging about her budget since 2014, Chelsea Fagan teamed up with Lauren Ver Hage to launch The Financial Diet in 2014. Since then, the website and YouTube channel have become vital tools for people who could use some help living within their budget, but still want to cook, go out, travel, and live a fun life. In 2017, the duo turned the blog into their de…
Upulie Divisekera
A molecular biologist by trade, the self-proclaimed “Dinosaur Evangelist” Upulie Divisekera entertained nearly 25K Twitter followers by tweeting about everything from science to pop culture in 2017. Recalling what led her to science as a child, she also co-founded the Real Scientists, a Twitter feed taken over by a new scientist, researcher, or communicator…

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