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A Piglet within Tele Sena Social Network

Audience Honor in Social Media Tool

Entered in Financial Services, Multi-Platform Campaign


Tele Sena is a single payment capitalization bond, released in November 1991 by Silvio Santos Group (SBT TV). There are five types of prizes in each campaign, and if you should not win you may redeem 50% out of the amount paid after one year. The objective was channelling all the confidence and credibility of Tele Sena to social network, bringing together in the same channel fans to the brand, consumers and winners of the awards. The actively presence actions on social network aim to increase interactions with fans to the brand, with total focus on engagement and healthy growth of Tele Sena's digital channels.

Strategy and Execution

The target audience was young people between 18 and 34 years old, C-D classes in Brazil, that are considered newcomers for the product, as they help parents and grandparents (over 40's) at the purchase, monitoring results at TV, and end up arousing interest for the product. Fans of the artists and singers starring campaigns are also target.

With a robust planning, we've scanned the entire digital universe of Tele Sena with support tools such as Serasa Experian Hitwise so as to analyse browsing patterns and the content trends accessed by the targets, Social Bakers to analyse the levels of interaction, engagement and extent of publications on the channels and the competition, Scup to track quotes and monitor brand reputation in social networks. We've identified that Telesena is considered by their audience as a hope for a better future. It is the possibility to build dreams with the prizes, the way to change, the turn around. Content pillars were created covering all relevant content topics and have greater adherence to consumers and social media fans. Based on these analyses, we've drawn a staged plan to restructure social networking channels, focusing on a healthy growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope. By positioning the hashtag #ChangeWithTeleSena, we convey the desire of "life change by Tele Sena" present at the target public, using as a spokesman of this change a very beloved Character by consumers, but still underused in digital channels: Tele Sena's Piglet. Through the activation of Piglet's Brand Persona, we've turned all Tele Sena channels into personified channels, changing avatars to "selfies", adapting the language and presenting campaigns with artists in animated posts with videos and gifs (a trend in the channels), posts who cause interaction such as quiz and gamefication, and clips of official campaigns and presentation of consumers awarded. At the first step, we activated the character on Facebook and Instagram, with total focus on healthy growth through engagement and interactions with fans in a most relaxed way using as a "motto" of responses the hottest topics of the moment. In the latest step, Tele Sena's Piglet interacted - as a hidden Brand Persona, who does not appear or talk to the camera (but camera became his eyes) with the guests of Grande Rio cabin at Rio de Janeiro carnival, in an exclusive coverage of the party, launching a series of activation of shares in Periscope and Facebook Live, with flashes of live events and interactions "real-time" with Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Through such transmissions, we've humanized the Piglet in special moments for the fans, such as events, commercial teasers at backstage and product campaign photo shoot sessions. Recently, we've broadcasted a "Periscope Live" with Brazilian popular artists like Caio Castro, Ratinho, Eliana, Celso Portiolli and backcountry singers Leonardo and Eduardo Costa.


We've compared the total amount of obtained results in the previous administration (May 2014 Through March 2015­ - 11 months) to the total amount of results in the current management (April 2015 to February 2016­ - 11 months) *.

Web Universe (social networking + blogs + sites):
Total of comments: 25.424 vs 172.120 (+677% brand's lift mentions compared to the previous management).
- Positive: 82% vs 98% (+19,51%).
- Negative: 15% vs 1% (­-93%).
- Neutral: 3% vs 1% (­-68%).

Facebook (since the focus of investment was not buying likes):

- New fans: 123.487 vs 150.928 (+22%, summing up 1,109,292 fans in the fanpage)
- Interactions: 376.333 vs 1.145.011 (+304% interactions in reactions + comments + sharing).
- View Interactions: 408.360 vs 2.235.904 (+448% in videos).
- Engagement: 427 vs 1.142 (+168% of engagement rate).
- Reach: 49.526.083 vs 54.619.339 (+10%).

Instagram (assuming there is no acquisition of followers on Instagram):

- Followers: 10.351 vs 40.037 (+287%).
- Interactions 5.143 vs 5.852 (+14%)

Twitter (channel Reactivation in 02/01/2016, ­an only­ one ­month time operation for this case study).

- Followers: 4.056 vs 11.628 (+187%). ­
- Reach: 43.300 vs 502.000 (+1.059%).
- Interactions: 137 vs 277 (+102%).

Cost per Interaction: US$ 0,02 (per interaction with the brand).
Cost per Impact: US$ 0,002 (per impact in users).


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Jotacom, Tele Sena


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