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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards


Nominated in Vine Artist

About yelldesign

Helmer of Melbourne-based social media studio yelldesign, Matt Willis produces Vine ads for Bank of America, Twitter, Pepsi, BBC, Microsoft, and Samsung, all while maintaining an aesthetic that is entirely his own, one that many have come to imitate online. The style is bright pastels, strange inanimate objects—like food or tech or paper—coming to life, with something lacking from many other vines: impeccable sound design. While still a comparatively new addition to the medium, the music and foley on yelldesign’s vines sets them apart, blurring the line between these six-second art pieces and traditional commercial works.

yelldesign's best work on social

https://vine.co/v/eglJgXld0Lt https://vine.co/v/e5ETt2wlbp2 https://vine.co/v/eXjEUuEHzni https://vine.co/v/Ol17hxdYVOv https://vine.co/v/OPh7WprvYEX