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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Sunny Mabrey

Nominated in Viner of the Year

About Sunny Mabrey

Actress and model Sunny Mabrey, known for her roles in Once Upon A Time and Snakes on a Plane, has been expanding her repertoire on Vine to a fan base of 1 million. Posting comedic sketches about owls, southerners, new-age lifestyles, and gluten rage, Sunny delights the internet with skilled character acting and quirky material. Her Southerner parody series pokes fun at Sunny’s Alabama roots, while another popular series with fiancé Ethan Embry features feathered Japanese Vine celebs Kuu Owl and Vivi Owl in a variety of characters, including a drug-dealing owl and an owl supervillain with seasonal allergies—with loop counts in the millions.

Sunny Mabrey's best work on social

https://vine.co/v/eMKLveuUYD0 https://vine.co/v/eFDO5MqJAJM https://vine.co/v/eOXqw1Tq9P6 https://vine.co/v/OTB72Kwm53b https://vine.co/v/enXpWBgjeuV