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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Shazam the Mob Wives

Entered in Integrated Campaign, Creative use of Technology


"Mob Wives" is a docu-soap series following the lives of a group of women at a crossroads, struggling to establish their own identities while their loved ones do time for alleged Mob-related activities. This drama-fueled series has less than half of its total audience (48%) watching live, and the other 52% is "time-shifted," or watching pre-recorded. VH1 decided to socially engage not just the 48% of live viewers, but 100% of total viewership to create a "DVR Proof" engagement for fans.

Strategy and Execution

Vh1's strategy centered around engaging fans to the show's most dramatic moments, scenes, and arguments in a fun and organic way. In order to achieve this, VH1 set out to sync the viewer to the OnAir action by leveraging the mobile application, Shazam, and their ACR technology in a way no other TV Network has done before. Viewers use their smartphones during a precise moment of "Mob Wives" and a custom "play-along" casual game syncs the gameplay to the narrative of the show – whenever, wherever, and on whatever platform (Live, DVR, VOD, Games and features went into development to fit the needs of both live and time-shifted audiences.

When a juicy, compelling moment happens On-Air (two such moments are created for each episode), immediately a CTA pops up consisting of the Shazam logo along with a message prompting the viewer to get out their phones and "Shazam now!" to weigh in/play along with the action. VH1 created five gaming experiences that were used through the season (see supporting visual docs for screen shots and further explanation):

1.) Beef-o-Meter (Who's side are you on?):

2.) Trigger Finger (Keep up with the drama!)

3.) Judge and Jury (throw your verdict down!)

4.) The Polygraph (Can you spot a lie?)

5.) The Wiretap (Who said that?)

The campaign also features three evergreen experiences that viewers are able to engage with if they "Shazam" during a moment in the show that is not associated with a game. These include: "Which Mob Wife Are You?," "Music from the Show," and "Cast Bios."





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