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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Noah Kalina

Nominated in Vine Artist

About Noah Kalina

This isn’t how most people use Vine. Noah Kalina, first famous for his Everyday viral video of years of selfies stitched together (still ongoing), specializes in a hazy, meditative, sometimes-so-subtle-it’s-creepy nature photography. His subdued style is showcased in the coffee table book Cabin Porn, featuring photography of building inspiration in upstate New York, but Noah’s digital work remains his most widely know. His vines typically have a single moving piece—a fire, a swimming woman, a splash, a plane flying overhead—against a still backdrop—a forest, a frozen city, the ocean—a refreshing snatch of quiet in an otherwise frenetic medium.

Noah Kalina's best work on social

https://vine.co/v/e195M9MAaV7 https://vine.co/v/eIe00Y721Wj https://vine.co/v/enP0g7Te3Or https://vine.co/v/eH35p11hALT https://vine.co/v/e1PPA07IWvU