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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards


Nominated in Viner of the Year

About Chrish

Chrish Guerra's vines are totally “goals." The comedian, singer, and University of Tennessee student, found followers with funny six-second sketches, including “Patricia!" and his personal spin on #FAIL videos, “#ThatIsNotCorrect." He has 2.3 million followers and more than 1 billion loops, crossing the 1 million follower threshold in February 2015, just one year after his first Vine post. His vines usually feature Chrish in closeup making absurd noises or character voices with simple phrases, making them popular for other Viners to edit, and he also collaborates with fellow Vine celebrities like J.Cyrus, and in back and forth “going off" clips with popular Viner sister, Gabriella Guerra.

Chrish's best work on social

https://vine.co/v/em2UI7VimOK https://vine.co/v/OTg0nO2mFKU https://vine.co/v/OTUmD7ntrur https://vine.co/v/et7JUVtdEYa https://vine.co/v/erUr5YOZJPg