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Lipton #BeMoreTea

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Drive awareness of Lipton iced tea as a naturally refreshing beverage that enhances meals utilizing Lipton's brand philosophy - #BeMoreTea – during the campaign timing.

Develop custom content using a mix of organic viewership and paid media viewership as well as distribution of brand creative assets to reach the intended target demographic of Possibility Embracers.

Amplify campaign reach through social.

As this program (and many of the elements within this program) have never been implemented by Lipton or its competitors, each of these objectives was significant to the success of this program.

Strategy and Execution

Fullscreen brought the meaning of #BeMoreTea to life through a series of videos developed within the well-known formats of five popular YouTube influencers. The main event video brought together a total of twelve influencers for a celebratory dinner of influencers - many of whom had never met before. At this main dinner event, the influencers shared their own experiences of coming together with family and friends. As the program evolved, it became very important for the event content to feature the influencers' past experiences of getting together with friends and family and how iced tea has enhanced these experiences.

Each selected influencer was strategically chosen to build onto the #BeMoreTea story and bring fans through the full journey - from the invitation all the way through to the dessert course of the main event. PES Films, famed for his stop motion animation, kicked off the program developing a unique invitation to fans and influencers to join the #BeMoreTea journey and prepared his main dinner dish, mussels. Followed by Megan Batoon who showed fans the ritual of Lipton Iced Tea preparation and prepared her favorite salad for the event. This then led, directly into the main event video – a summer mealtime celebration. During the event video we see moments from the first two videos (PES mussels and Megan's tea), as well as teases to three follow up videos. To extend the strategy of bringing friends and family together, these videos featured a dance off featuring Nonstop, Poppin John, the magic of Calen Morelli, and a unique music video featuring the best scouting talents of Fresh Big Mouf.

By utilizing popular YouTube influencers, our #BeMoreTea program benefits from a built-in, organic audience of millions of potential viewers. As part of their participation in the program, the influencers also provided social promotion driving additional awareness for Lipton Iced Tea and the #BeMoreTea campaign. The influencers were selected not only for their ability to develop great content for Lipton but also based on the audience demos they delivered. It was vital for our strategy that the influencers delivered the audience target of Possibility Embracers. To provide additional paid media support to our program, we utilized a mix of media products including custom pre-roll and YouTube's media products.

We utilized YouTube's TrueView product to extend viewership of both the custom content we created as well as Lipton's own brand asset. We implemented extensive hyper-targeting with each video within the series to be distributed to an audience that met the brand's demographic and goals as well as resonated with the viewers of the content. Utilizing our full suite of proprietary targeting and optimizing tools, we consistently modified the campaign to meet the plan's KPIs towards optimizing for views, earned views and subscribers towards Lipton's YouTube channel.

Thirty five hand-selected influencers created custom pre-roll to promote the #BeMoreTea program driving viewers to watch the video series which ran as non-skippable pre-roll inventory.


The Fullscreen/Lipton #BeMoreTea program was a tremendous success across all campaign objectives which over delivered on a number of levels.

Overall, the program delivered over 6.5MM total views, nearly 37MM social reach impressions, and achieved 126K social engagements, exceeding all program guarantees.

Paid placement of the custom video content exceeded all view and engagement metrics (CTR) indicating a highly successful targeting of the intended audience segments delivering the strongest results.

An additional success to the program is the addition of 4,500+ new subscribers to Lipton's YouTube channel.

Through Google Brand Lift studies completed on this program's video series, we measured recall and lift for brand awareness, consideration and interest. Overall, the brand studies showed lift in all key areas considering Lipton's very high confidence level requirements.

Through Radian6 social listening tools, we found that the social conversation around this program resulted in significantly higher conversation that combined the brand "Lipton" along with food related words such as mealtime, potluck, etc.

Not only did this program deliver on all intended objectives, it succeeded by bringing together twelve influencers and their millions of fans for an event like never before in the world of YouTube! The content continues to live on the various influencer channels providing a continuous brand awareness beyond the time frame of this program. Fullscreen's Lipton program is an integrated experience that continues to raise the bar for branded content.


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