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Fit For Me & ZOG Digital: Shaping Brand Identity

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In January 2015, Fruit of the Loom approached ZD to support development of the digital identity of Fit for Me, Fruit of the Loom's line of intimate apparel targeted at curvy consumers. Established in 2001, market research showed female consumers believed Fit For Me was a tag line for Fruit of the Loom and did not recognize it as a distinct product designed for full-figured women. As a result, in 2014 Fruit of the Loom re-launched Fit for Me with an improved fit, softer fabrics and waistbands. Concurrently, the logo was redesigned to make "Fit for Me" more prominent and new models were selected for packaging to showcase the panties' cut on different curvy body types.

Upon completion of this brand transformation, Fit for Me elected to sponsored Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek) in NYC and establish a robust digital presence to support sponsorship and retail goals. ZD was selected following an agency evaluation to develop a Fit For Me microsite to communicate the brand transformation and support purchase at and Walmart. To reach the growing plus audience and stimulate continued engagement, ZD opened Facebook and Instagram channels with engaging content and paid media support. Our primary goals were to communicate the new product design, promote trial and brand engagement at FFFWeek, and drive purchase. In addition, we wanted to use these profiles to provide a safe space for discourse with bloggers, fashionistas, and other role models about issues faced daily by these women.

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To achieve our objectives on the Facebook and Instagram channels, we implemented a two-phase strategy.

Phase one, which lasted from February to August 2015, focused on growing a captivated social audience. Our primary goal was to grow the brand's social fan base so it would be large enough to leverage as a consistent source of website traffic for product trial. Secondarily, we were tasked with cultivating engagement and positive brand sentiment with our target audience, ultimately earning their trust.

Our creative team developed thumb-stopping content specifically built around consumer intent to drive customer acquisition and positive brand awareness. Additionally, we partnered with four industry influencers and leveraged their loyal audiences across channels. These brand ambassadors worked closely with Fit For Me to create, share, and engage with content to gain influence from their devoted communities. All four women participated in 30 minute to 1 hour Facebook or Instagram chats where anyone could ask questions or raise concerns with these high profile women within the community. Furthermore, all four women attended FFFWeek and provided live coverage of the brand's premiere sponsorship of the event.

This engaging content was paired with hyper-targeted Facebook ads that were targeted at full-figured clothing purchasers, followers of inspirational plus-size beauty bloggers, and full-figured female consumers. We earned new followers through Facebook page like ads that leveraged videos, photos, and linked content. These ads helped drive engagement to social channels and kept the brand top of mind for potential buyers.

Phase two, which lasted from August to December 2015, focused on driving traffic to the Fit For Me product pages located on the Fit For Me microsite and the Fruit of the Loom eCommerce website. Through user engagement data on our social channels, we were able to identify the best possible audience to drive down the conversion funnel. We created link page posts, carousel ads, website custom audiences (retargeting), our newly grown audience, 3rd party data, lookalike audiences, and other data layers to send traffic to the website from the strong social fan base we developed.

During this time, content was developed to continue cultivating the strong sense of community from phase one, and was capped off with a December holiday postcard campaign that had the highest engagement and most positive sentiment of all our campaigns during the calendar year.


Between March 2015 and December 2015, Fit For Me's social presence on Facebook grew from nothing to over 430,000 followers, enabling the Fit for Me profile to become the 4th highest traffic referral source to the Fruit of the Loom website during that period.

We exceeded our goals of increased brand awareness and website traffic for Fit For Me. Over 430,000 Facebook followers were acquired directly from page like ads with a click-to-like conversion rate of 83 percent and a CTR of 2.75 percent. In total, over 3.5 million users were reached with like ads. During the same period, social engagement increased with 1,387,000 total page engagements, boasting an average CTR of 4.15 percent and an average engagement rate of 17.2 percent.

Nearly 2.38 million people were reached with the intent of driving traffic to the newly constructed Fit For Me microsite. Content targeted for website traffic earned an average CTR of 3.08 percent. During the same 10-month period our campaigns drove nearly 150,000 visits to the brand's microsite with low bounce rates (3.08 percent) and a high percentage of new visitors (88 percent).


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ZOG Digital, Fit For Me Fruit of the Loom


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