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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

David Infante

Nominated in Snapchatter of the Year

About David Infante

As the Senior Snapchat editor and writer-at-large for Thrillist, David Infante has a knack (and an “ugly mug") for social media. If he’s not writing articles for Thrillist about life in New York City or tweeting about life in the new millennium, he’s snapping about it. His Snapchat “morning show" follows his NYC subway commute, and in 2015, he used Snapchat to draw attention to street harassment, riling up millions of viewers who snapped their responses—negative and positive. A man of many talents, David covers all topics Millennials are interested in: tech, nightlife, dating, restaurants, and beer.

David Infante's best work on social

https://instagram.com/p/3_4Mr1wJj7/ https://instagram.com/p/4HH0MbQJsf/ https://instagram.com/p/4Cj6mnwJo3/ https://twitter.com/dinfontay/status/638851842676555780 https://twitter.com/dinfontay/status/656865898683305984