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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Clint Smith

Nominated in Activism

About Clint Smith

Written following the death of Tamir Rice after his pellet gun was mistaken for a weapon, Clint Smith’s TED Talk titled How To Raise a Black Son in America relayed his personal awakening of racial bias as a child in a nighttime water gun fight. A poet, activist, and prison educator, Clint speaks on racial and financial inequality in America, lending his unique voice to the growing cry against intrinsic, deeply ingrained societal racism. In a 2015 short film that premiered online, Clint expanded on the future of storytelling and how it will be instrumental in the fight against inequality.

Clint Smith's best work on social

https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/591310961975369730 https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/653299720908107777 https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/648971341488648192 https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/641362380664934400 https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/642364091206627328