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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Gold House

Finalist in Nonprofit, Social Movement Campaign


The Asian Pacific community is the fastest-growing racial group in the US, yet they continue to be vastly underrepresented and grossly misrepresented in mainstream media, reinforcing pernicious stereotypes and resulting in erasure from the cultural zeitgeist, detrimental socioeconomic outcomes, and recent surges in racism and hate crimes.

As a countermeasure, Gold House created the A100—the definitive award for the 100 most impactful Asian Pacific leaders in American society and the only award to consistently receive mainstream coverage. The list is essential to distilling Asian Pacific contributions and leadership for the masses and celebrating Asian Pacific brilliance and joy.

The 2023 A100, selected by esteemed multicultural judges, span across Activism & Journalism, Business & Technology, Entertainment & Media, Fashion & Lifestyle, and Sports & Gaming. Honorees included:

In its sixth year, the 2023 A100 needed to penetrate the zeitgeist like never before. Our goals:

Strategy and Execution

To reach our goals, we:

Tastemade across industries through a diverse and storied selection committee:

Crafted a compelling narrative around our theme, “Gold Bridge”:

Created outsized impact through partnerships that provided access to unmatched marketing channels:

Produced a historic gathering, the Gold Gala, celebrating the A100, resulting in pervasive reach across mainstream press and social channels:


The 2023 A100 List and Gold Gala generated the highest amount of press and social coverage for Gold House since its inception, and more importantly, brought the achievements, leadership, and brilliance of the Asian Pacific community to the forefront of the public sphere like never before:




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Gold House Foundation, Inc.


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