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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

TakePart and Eileen Fisher Present, "In Her Company"

Entered in Consumer Brand, Social Good Campaign


Together, TakePart and EILEEN FISHER created a program called In Her Company that celebrated EILEEN FISHER's 30 year anniversary and highlighted 30 women entrepreneurs including the 2014 EILEEN FISHER women-owned business grantees. The program drove increased brand affinity and favorability for EILEEN FISHER, highlighted the importance of women entrepreneurs and the challenges they face and through organic conversation and promotion, positioned EILEEN FISHER as a company committed to innovation, values and empowering women.

At the center of In Her Company was TakePart's mission to show - not tell - how women excel as entrepreneurs in both driving profits and driving impact. We accomplished this by profiling 30 amazing women business leaders across different categories, ages, race, and locations. In addition, each entrepreneur created intimate and personal videos sharing important lessons with other aspiring women business owners.

What's more, we asked the TakePart audience and beyond to put their money where their mouth is by featuring products from our women-owned businesses in a special Holiday Gift Guide to help boost their sales and also offered an EILEEN FISHER red scarf to participants.

More than half of the 30 women entrepreneurs were EILEEN FISHER Women-Owned Business Grantees – including all 2014 grantees. As a result, in addition to the mentorship and funding they will receive from EILEEN FISHER, WOBG winners also received tremendous visibility through TakePart's channels – which we hope will drive even more applications for the 2015 program.

Strategy and Execution

In Her Company was truly a social activation campaign that catalyzed tangible engagement that was valuable to our target audience in three ways.

We inspired and informed them through the wealth of content featuring 30 amazing women entrepreneurs.

We empowered them through TAP actions, product giveaways, and social media calls to action.

And, lastly, we introduced them to the impactful aspects of the EILEEN FISHER brand that they may not know about but value as a key criteria in what companies to support with their dollars.

The campaign garnered some fantastic results through banner and media, influencer engagement, social media, feature editorial pieces, TAP Actions, a custom-built campaign page, a holiday gift guide, an infographic and interviews and videos of the 30 entrepreneurs.

The campaign reached over 3.5MM social users, garnered over 186,000 visits to all content on the campaign page, received 812 red-scarf sign-ups and earned over 118M+ in media reach through press coverage.

This entry deserves to win in both the best social good campaign and best consumer brand categories as the campaign not only featured female entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges to ensure the success of their businesses but who are also dedicated to producing natural and sustainable products. The products featured ranged from hats created with repurposed discarded textiles, healthy organic juices, reusable tableware, nontoxic art materials created with botanical pigments and gum made from 100% natural ingredients, to name a few.

In addition, we offered a free EILEEN FISHER red wool maxi scarf to recipients who took the I Am That Girl Pledge, which helped inspire girls to be, love and express who they are through education, content and community. The scarf was woven by a socially-conscious factory in India run by Mridula Jain, one of India's most prominent women entrepreneurs. Wearing the scarf symbolizes support for female entrepreneurship and empowerment.


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TakePart in Collaboration with Eileen Fisher


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