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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

September Sweepstakes

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How do we give back to our members who give so much of themselves? That was the big question Navy Federal answered with its September Member Sweepstakes. To enter the sweepstakes, members and nonmembers had three options. Option one, members were asked to update their contact information inside their Member Access portal. Option two, they had to answer a 'Daily Quizzical' that provided educational content on products and services. The last opportunity was for nonmembers to join Navy Federal.

A daily drawing was held from the respondents of the 'Daily Quizzical', a weekly drawing to include those who updated their profiles, and a month-end mega drawing to include those who qualified for daily and weekly drawings.

To coincide with the Sweepstakes, members were also given several limited-time product offers including a 5% Certificate of Deposit, $300 Auto Loan Refinance, and 15,000 GO REWARDS Credit Card points. In the first week alone 25,000 Celebration Certificates were opened. By the end of September there were 650,000 'Daily Quizzical' responses, 400,000 profile updates and over 4 million views on the Sweepstakes social posts.

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The main objectives behind the Sweepstakes were to promote engagement with, encourage updates of members' contact information, increase brand awareness and educate members and nonmembers on products and services. To drive participation the sweepstakes were promoted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Navy Federal Employees were also encouraged to participate in the 'Daily Quizzical' on E-net, an internal employee communication site. We created 26 unique graphics to pair with 50 posts for the various social channels.

September 2-30, the September Sweepstakes campaign targeted members, nonmembers and employees through email, social media, banner display ads, vanity ads and internal site ads (employee facing).

After campaign kickoff member participation on social started to climb. In total 32 posts were released on Facebook and Twitter garnering:





100,625 Sweepstakes website visits (of which 83,586 were driven from paid social posts)

In the first week over 25,000 Celebration Certificates were opened. By week two over 2,000 Auto Loans had been refinanced. By weeks three and four the forecasted product benchmarks were exceeded.

Paid social generated the most non-member entries to the Sweepstakes and yielded the greatest frequency of quiz completions (a 76% conversion rate). Overall the campaign generated a total of 479,000 quiz completions and yielded an 8% lift in profile updates during the promotion period. Participating Navy Federal members completed the quiz an average of 3.8 times during the campaign.

Product Specials Results

104,842 Celebration Certificates Opened

7,537 Auto Refinances Completed

5,176 GO REWARDS Credit Cards Opened

Participation Results

654,350 Responses to the 'Daily Quizzical' on

182,117 Unique Member Submissions

35,468 Responses Submitted by Navy Federal Employees

4,635 Unique Employee Submissions

Mobile Devices represented 60% of Marketing Channel click-throughs.

Email has highest representation of members originating online.

Vanity had strongest Branch representation and was utilized by more a mature audience.

Paid Social had highest Female audience.

2,260 Thank You Page visits were from Non-Members;

1,740* (77%) of these visits were associated with the campaign marketing tactics;

520 (23%) of visits were unsolicited coming from Direct to Site or Natural Search

*Paid Social and Display were the marketing efforts contributing the most to Non-Member visits. This is important, as it drives new member acquisition.

The campaign also created a lift in Mobile and Tablet usage. Mobile/Tablet usage for Sweepstakes was 48% compared to 27% for typical usage. A significant component of this increase in Mobile/Tablet is driven by E-mail in which members are accessing e-mails via their mobile device. Mobile Phones were more widely used in e-mail and Paid Social Marketing Responses.


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Navy Federal Credit Union


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