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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

#SAVine (for Service Après-Vente on Vine i.e. Customer Care on Vine)

Finalist in Financial Services

Entered in Twitter, Vine


French bank La Banque Postale wants to embody in each one of its communications its two key values, Innovation and Proximity, especially within its digital and social media presence, where the bank is very active.

This objective can be considered as a true challenge as it highlights the existing contrast between the formal brand image of banks in the collective imagination and the conversational grammar of social media, involving some form of human warmth.

Our goal was to imagine a Twitter programme allowing La Banque Postale to engage with its clients in a friendly way, while bringing to them concrete and effective answers.

Thanks to the listening and responding programme we've managed for them for the last 5 years, we identified to 15 most frequently asked questions by La Banque Postale clients on digital. We created a friendly new responding programme enabling the bank to both surprise and demonstrate its innovation capacity. It's called « #SAVine – Service Après-Vente Vine », ie « customer care on Vine ».

We created 15 paper stop motion Vine videos that respond to the 15 most frequently asked questions. Each time a client asks one of these questions on Twitter, the bank replies with a tweet embedding the dedicated Vine video and a personalised message, avoiding a formal and boring response and installing the proximity wanted.

Strategy and Execution

#SAVine is an ongoing service that has been implemented 10 months ago and that is still live.

Through #SAVine, La Banque Postale is pioneering a new form of conversation for banks on social media, challenging its competitors social media presences.

It generated positive feedback from the clients on Twitter, happy to be listened to and acknowleged with this new approach implementing the proximity relationships previously existing in physical La Banque Postale agencies across the territory.

At its launch, 1 million users discovered the service and shared it massively generating in 1200 tweets and 200 000 Vine loops in five weeks.

The initiative even caught the media's attention who were eager to share the campaign with their readers, resulting in dozens of pieces of coverage from national media outlets.

The #SAVine is today the 5th topics the most discussed within conversations about La Banque Postale on Twitter.


Video for #SAVine (for Service Après-Vente on Vine i.e. Customer Care on Vine)

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