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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Nestlé Fitness Bra Cam

Finalist in Social Good Campaign

Entered in Food & Beverage


Nestle Fitness cereal asked us to find a way to remind and inspire women around the world to check their breasts. Early breast checks are one of the best ways to combat breast cancer, as early signs are more easily treatable. But unfortunately regular breast checks are often left forgotten by women. Our solution was to get women to see breast checks in a totally new way and be something that would drive conversation on the topic globally.

We got straight to the point and used… breasts, or more specifically a unique bra, to tell our story. The bra was fitted with a tiny hidden HD camera to the front to record exactly what breasts saw: the world checking them out.

Using the footage from the Bra Cam, we created an online film that delivered a unique and thought-provoking message to our audience:

Your breasts are checked out everyday.

So, when was the last time you checked your own?

Launched in 14 markets, the online film earned over 15 million views worldwide with minimal paid investment. It sparked huge conversation online about the whole world checking breasts out. And most importantly, increased breast check awareness.

Strategy and Execution

There are a number of reasons that Bra Cam deserves a win in the Shorty Awards.

First, we used a creative technology to heighten awareness of an everyday reality for women. The checking out of women's breasts happens... let's face it, everyday. Therefore, our challnge was about how to bring a fresh perspective to this widely recognized insight. So, we used a hidden camera to give people a unique POV (a breast's eye view one could say) with truthful and engaging reactions from observers.

Furthermore, the creativity of the campaign lay not just in the execution, but also the takeaway message. Right when viewers are expecting some sort of poignant message, they instead receive a suprising call to action: "Your breasts are checked out everyday. So, when was the last time you checked your own? #Checkyourselfie." As talk of women's breast health continues to become less and less taboo, the true achievement for FITNESS lies in making women and the men in their lives more aware that vigilance is the first tool in fighting breast cancer.

But that's not all! The Bra Cam campaign not only brought together two issues that otherwise might not merge, it also affected what people all over the globe would see should they google the words "bra cam," or "boobs checked out." The results went from being "NYSF" (pornography) to images all about breast cancer and self breast examination: a true message of women's empowerment and education.

Lasltly, the video received upwards of 15 million YouTube views with minimal paid investment (less than 50K globally).


Video for Nestlé Fitness Bra Cam

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McCann Paris


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