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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Be Sure it's Secure

Finalist in Photography and Graphics

Entered in Consumer Brand


Hefty Slider Bags was looking to launch their first-ever social campaign. Yet in a low-consideration category like plastic bags, it's hard to drive awareness, let alone brand preference. To cut through the clutter of product-centric advertising (common within the category), and to drive relevance with a younger demographic of digitally savvy moms, Hefty knew they needed a modernized, breakthrough approach to connecting with consumers–without breaking the bank.

Active on social channels and inundated with a multitude of messages, our audience was a moving target, so we created a whimsical, light-hearted campaign comprised of engaging, snackable content that would be remembered as these consumers walked down the aisles of their grocery stores.

To do this, we came up with the "Be Sure it's Secure" campaign, which touted the immense seal strength of the bags through a series of scaled-down scenarios–complete with miniature props and carefully-crafted stop-motion photography. The breakthrough creative shot engagement sky-high and gained its own following of enthusiasts, packing a huge punch for something so small.

Let's just say we did a lot with a little. For five months, we posted seasonally and culturally relevant content that drove social engagement through the roof. Our posts had an average engagement rate of over 6% and gained over 2.4 million impressions for the brand, and all on a budget that was 160 times smaller than the leading branded competitor. For Hefty, this campaign proved that big things come in small packages.

Strategy and Execution

Trying to sell a brand name product in a commodity product category is no small task. And doing it on a budget over 150 times smaller than the leading branded competitor might have scared anyone else away. But, using our quirky creative chops and tapping into our digital roots, we created a campaign that would play as well with the brand and audience as it did with the budget.

The results were anything but miniature. Our stop-motion videos and minuscule scenarios were topical, relevant, and engaging. They attracted a social audience over a wide range of demographics: from socially-pragmatic parents to millennials to grandmothers checking on their families through Facebook.

The photography was rich, the scenes were carefully handcrafted, and the video footage was fresh—all unlike the brand's consumers had ever seen. As a bonus, the campaign served to tout both the seal strength of Hefty's Slider Bags as well as the fun, playful nature of the brand, drawing in new customers and renewing the bond with old ones. In short, this pint-sized campaign made a big splash in the social pool. That's no small feat!


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Havas Worldwide Chicago


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