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From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Entered in Community or Employee Engagement, Call to Action


Youth To The People is committed to creating pro-grade vegan, cruelty-free skincare with the health of people and the planet as a priority. We strive to teach our audience that our sustainable practices go beyond how we create products; we also aim to promote consideration of what happens at the end of a product’s life cycle. Our mission with the #OneWorldChallenge was to showcase simple ways to upcycle our empty glass skincare containers to prevent landfill waste, and create a ripple effect of inspiration within our community to practice a more sustainable lifestyle through a goal-oriented social initiative. 

The goal: inspire our community to see that small changes can create a big impact and commit to adopting more sustainable practices. 

Strategy and Execution

Our campaign strategy was formatted around the influential power and success that is evident  in peer-to-peer social media nomination challenges. We created an ownable hashtag challenge, the #OneWorldChallenge, and added an aspect of incentivization that rewarded involvement with weekly prizes to stoke continued involvement. The campaign timing was positioned to launch before #EarthDay as a reminder that taking care of our planet is about long term commitment and everyday action. To kick off the campaign, Youth To The People led by example by engaging employees to participate in the iniative, sharing their sustainable commitments and nominating a peer to join them in the challenge in a launch video. We then laid the foundation for involvement using 360 digital messaging across organic social, influencer partnerships, and email promotion to amplify the challenge and provided the tools needed for our community to participate. Key features include: Instagram story templates for our audience to customize and share their commitments and tag peers, Instagram Live and Instagram Story takeovers with sustainability and skincare influencers, and engaging content such as viral TikTok videos showcasing unique ways to upcycle our glass containers. 


We successfully inspired 389 community members to rethink their consumer habits and commit to practicing a more sustainable lifestyle by participating in the #OneWorldChallenge.

The campaign gained $317k in Earned Media Value in one month.

Owned content metrics: Total Reach: 1,507,444; Total Likes: 66,355; Total Comments: 2,178; Avg. Engagement Rate: 1.14%; Avg. Effectiveness Rate: 14.68%. 

Community content metrics: Total Likes: 57.7k; Total Comments: 22.5k; Total Views: 23.9k.



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