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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Extending STAGR's Unsurpassed Service Model with a Robust Digital Ecosystem

Finalist in Healthcare & Pharma

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Situation analysis
Allergy immunotherapy manufacturer Stallergenes Greer (STAGR) has more than 100 years of history in providing high-quality products and personalized service to its allergy specialist customers. Allergenic extracts, STAGR’s primary product offering, are a commoditized product, with price and supply driving much of the customer’s decision making. And in recent years, competitors’ aggressive marketing and pricing strategies have begun to erode the company’s long-held market leadership position. The challenge to W2O: To blunt competitive threats, STAGR was looking for ways to cement its status as the allergy immunotherapy provider with the best value-added service and education.

To blunt threats from price-driven competitors, W2O and STAGR partnered to create a digital ecosystem that would cement the company’s status as the allergy immunotherapy provider with the best value-added service and education. Our primary goals were to provide high-touch experiences that delivered on true customer educational needs and that closely mirrored the experiences customers were accustomed to in their one-on-one, personal interactions with STAGR service representatives, scientists and field force team members.

Strategy and Execution

A review of existing research, including ATU and qualitative interviews with key customers, revealed that STAGR brand preference was driven by the value our target HCPs place on the high level of service and care the company offers. Customers frequently cited the following as particularly valuable offerings from STAGR:

It became very clear that STAGR’s service offerings could be a major differentiator in a commoditized market, so W2O identified the primary service offerings that could translate to the digital world to drive our customers’ perception of STAGR as a high-touch service and value-added education provider to their customers.

Strategic insight
W2O and STAGR created a digital ecosystem of immersive resources and educational CRM programs, with supportive SEM campaigns, to position STAGR as a true partner to the allergy and veterinary dermatologist communities that provides unrelenting support to its customers. Additionally, the tools we created mirrored the experiences and information provided by STAGR personnel to create efficiencies for STAGR staff, all while delivering on true customer needs.

Target audience
STAGR’s primary customer groups are allergy specialists, who treat humans with allergy immunotherapy and veterinary dermatologists, who treat animals with allergy immunotherapy. Additionally, we identified veterinary dermatology residents as an important audience, to build early brand loyalty with those up and coming in the veterinary dermatology community.

Creative execution
The ecosystem included:

The Virtual Botanical Walk guides users through three environments including prevalent allergenic pollens. Users navigate each environment with video and audio that mimics forest, pasture and roadside environments and delivers education from STAGR’s scientists, simulating the experience of taking STAGR’s live Botanical Walks.

W2O advanced the Interactive Pollen Allergy Map by updating its interface and functionality, and ensuring utility on mobile devices. The map now supports search by geography, allergen, and plant type, adding to its value as a reference for customers determining the sources of their patients’ seasonal allergy symptoms.

The Extract Dilution Calculator provides veterinary dermatology practices with step-by-step guidance for the process of diluting extracts for use in patient-specific prescriptions.

The Pet Allergy Perspectives CRM Program provides veterinary dermatologists with education and tips to build their immunotherapy acumen and answer FAQs.

The Residents CRM Program supports veterinary dermatology residents through their professional development, with resources on allergy immunotherapy and practical guidance on establishing their own practices, following residency completion.

W2O optimized three SEM campaigns to drive efficiency and effectiveness in driving site traffic.


“The Botanical Walk in virtual form is a wonderful concept and tool. My entire team loves it, and it helps everyone build on their knowledge of the allergens around us. It is applicable to anyone from technicians to residents as well as dermatology clients. We have been sending our clients on the Walk, too, to help them understand and see botanicals in different, real-life settings.”
—Stacey Holz, DVM, SAGE Veterinary Centers, California

STAGR’s sales and revenue results indicate that our efforts are supporting the bottom line, with veterinary sales exceeding forecast by 12%, allergy specialist sales exceeding forecast by 11% and a 13% increase in volume from 2019 to 2020 to date. Additionally, testing and treatment supplies sales are exceeding forecast by 26% and there is an overall 10% increase in demand from 2019 to 2020 to date.


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