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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in Entertainment, News & Media

Entered in Health & Fitness, Facebook, Storytelling


Goalcast is the world’s largest, leading source of authentic storytelling. We aim to empower individuals to take ownership and action in their lives. 

Our mission is to change the world. We believe that change starts from within, so every day we rise to the challenge of inspiring tens of millions of people to live life with purpose.  

Through the power of storytelling, we help users find the courage to dream and the power to change. With over 32M followers, a monthly reach of 510M and 420M video views a month, viral social media videos are some of our most powerful levers. 

From showing the inspiring side of pop-culture in our Life Stories Facebook series to sharing tales of resilience and perseverance on our other Facebook Watch show, The Daily Goalcast, we not only provide entertaining and life-changing content, but we also start meaningful connections and conversations. 

Whether they're getting a quick dose of inspiration through an Instagram quote or reading in-depth advice on our website, our fans find several opportunities to engage with Goalcast through the day. It's the little moments that can make all the difference. 

Strategy and Execution

We pour our hearts into every piece of content 

To create meaningful, engaging content, a story must be positive, inspiring and be told properly. We have the expertise to draw out and craft the most compelling viral videos on social media, which enables us to form deep bonds with our audience.

Every day, our team of curators digs through hundreds of stories to find the hidden gems that have the potential to move people on a profound level. 

Our creators then spend hours refining the narrative arc of each piece of content to maximize its viral potential and emotional resonance.

We're on a relentless pursuit to deconstruct and reconstruct our knowledge of people and stories. We're all about impact over output.

We aim to unite instead of divide. We favor human, universally relatable entry points versus polarizing perspectives. 

We punch above our weight

Our team members are all committed to their own personal growth. At Goalcast, we walk the walk, which allows the content we produce to remain diverse, authentic and impactful. 

This is also why we're a team of 20 people beating some of the world's largest publishers in terms of social media performance.

But what we find most rewarding are the messages we receive from some of our users about the impact Goalcast has had on them. People who found hope when things felt hopeless. Stories of leaving abusive relationships or creating businesses. Stories of finding the courage to live life on your own terms.

We bring together the best of social media & personal development

We collaborate with some of the most influential social media personalities in the health & wellness space (i.e., Lewis Howes, Tom Bilyeu and Mel Robbins) while also giving a large platform to previously little-known storytellers.

We are more than a digital media powerhouse -- we've built one of the most inspirational networks of talent. Leveraging our network allows us to spread positive messages even further in the social media sphere and cut through the noise of negativity. 


We are one of the largest social media publishers

With 70M monthly social actions, we have more engagements than 

(source: Tubular, June 2019)

We were also the leading health, fitness and self-help publisher in social for July 2019. 



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