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Special Project

Special Project
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Happy Family's Infant Feeding Support Platform

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Happy Family is dedicated towards democratizing access to great infant nutrition for all families. We launched an Infant Feeding hub with the goal of enriching every parent's infant feeding journey, because we know that providing great products is only just the beginning.

That is why we created a new full-scale, comprehensive online resource center offering parents direct and free access to Cornell-Certified nutritionists and lactation consultants, the Happy Mama Milk Mentors, as well as educational materials on a variety of feeding topics. We aim to go beyond the clutter and provide vital information parents are seeking to help them make the best nutritional decisions for their families.

Company-wide, we are incredibly proud to help support and nourish families during a time of newness, uncertainty and vulnerability. What parents give their children during the first 1,000 days of life sets the pace for their health and growth for childhood and beyond. As a company of moms and dads ourselves, we know that every parent's feeding journey is different, yet the goal is always the same: give your baby the best nourishment possible.

Although we are a business, we lead and conduct business based on what's best for our children. When breastfeeding is not an option, we wanted to provide a trustworthy formula option and other resources as a great alternative to nourish your little one. We are always pushing the boundaries of innovation, making sure we are there for parents at every turn.

Strategy and Execution

As a family of moms/parents ourselves, we know that each individual’s infant journey and experiences are completely different, and that is why we at Happy Family created a comprehensive campaign surrounding the launch of our Infant Feeding Platform. Through the utilization of influencers, mobile, SEO and more, our Infant Feeding Hub has seen avid growth, as we saw how moms were clamoring for resources tailored to their unique infant feeding journey.

We were dedicated towards providing an enriched/helpful experience for all parents, so we looked to insights to help pave the direction of how we would provide this. Our research showed that organic-buying moms use various resources to research and understand formula brands and many new parents don’t know enough about formula ingredients to make the most informed decision that will affect their baby’s health.

As we set off on our journey to change the trajectory of a child’s health through his/her first 1,000 days of life, we developed a multi-touch communication strategy, which includes:

With an immersive approach to changing the trajectory of a child’s health through nutrition, parents are now armed with nutrition experts, lactation consultants, and trustworthy products to help achieve exceptional, tailored nutrition for their infants. Happy Family is the only baby food brand to offer online expert feeding advice through the live chat on our website’s landing page when parents need it most; completely FREE!


Since launching the Infant Feeding line in April 2017, online chats increased month over month. Our campaign has reached over 58,600,000 parents, with 236,000 visits to our Infant Feeding Hub. Just from Google search terms, the Infant Feeding Platform has generated 2,600,000 impressions, 145,000 visits and a 4.7% click-through rate. Our PR efforts have garnered more than 150,000,000 media impressions covering the Infant Feeding Hub and its efforts to fill a gap in the marketplace as a resource for nursing moms. We earned media placements in Wall Street Journal "Lunch Break", Brit+Co and Entrepreneur.

Since the launch of the Google Display Network campaign, we have seen over 2,000,000 impressions to date, with our Infant Feeding anthem gaining more than 4,300,000 views, 9,400 reactions, 1,600 shares, and 8,900,000 impressions across Facebook display. Through leveraging Linqia's influencer network, the Infant Feeding Landing page garnered 17,022 clicks, 12,762 interactions with influencer content and 400 stories shared by 28 influencers.

We have seen an exponential increase in the amount of chats moms are having with our Happy Mama Milk Mentors, increasing 98% from July to August 2017 and we are chatting an average of 60 parents daily. The majority of questions we receive are within the 0-3-month range, allowing Happy Family to make a positive and meaningful impact in a child's life early on, especially during the first 1,000 days, which is part of our core mission. We anticipate increasing the total number of chats 40% every month, now through December 2017.


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