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SAW X Social Campaign

Entered in Entertainment, Multi-Platform Campaign


As the Saw franchise readies itself for a return to it’s glory (or is that gory?) days, the devious Jigsaw re-establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with, devising a slew of entirely new traps and games for his unsuspecting victims. The main objective of the campaign? To reinvigorate the franchise and show how this latest entry, the tenth in the series, showing audiences that this Saw still has teeth.


It wouldn’t be a Saw campaign without a little terror, and we wanted to welcomes audiences back to the fold with a campaign that both delighted & delivered the goods when it came to this front. Whether it was an entire themed countdown series, featuring the leftover body parts of our victims (a nod to key imagery seen in the promotional campaigns for the earlier entries), or “sensitive content warnings” that broke the fourth wall, we wanted to deliver a campaign that would please even the most bloodthirsty fan.

From the rattling of chains, to the screams of Jigsaw’s latest victims, we wanted to give the fans a visceral experience, even before they stepped foot inside the theater. By playing heavily into the sound design with our creative, it let us give the whole campaign a truly terrifying feel, without even having to showcase the blood & gore. Perfect for a social campaign riding the edge of what could be shown on the many digital platforms.

Of course, what Saw campaign would be complete without the legendary puppet known as “Billy.” Anchoring the content with this small but frightening horror icon let us target the hardcore fans of the franchise, as the series returned to its diabolical origins, giving the franchise a much needed jumpstart & revitalization.


In the end, the campaign was a big hit with fans, driving them into theaters and helping make Saw X a new fan favorite amongst even the most hardcore Saw fans. It also helped Saw reach a new audience who were introduced to the franchise in a thrilling and terrifying way.


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Stampede Studios, Lionsgate


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