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Walmart Discovered

Finalist in User-Generated Content, Interactive Content


Imagine Roblox - a digital New York City without a map, where every neon sign promises the next big thing. 70 million daily users. 50 Million experiences. So much noise, not enough direction. Enter the challenge: how do we slice through the chaos and spotlight the diamonds in the rough?


What if Walmart, the king of finding your thing in the physical realm, transformed into the digital sherpa on Roblox? "Walmart Discovered" isn't just another drop in the branded content ocean; it's the lighthouse the community was searching for. Picture this: an immersive, kickass platform where the power's in your hands - think Reddit meets Roblox. Upvote your favorite indie game or that sick virtual hat and watch the underdogs rise to fame.

We didn't stop there. We turbocharged the buzz with a posse of Roblox influencers, rallied a 30k-strong Discord army, spotlighted the journeys of 31 creators, and rained over a million freebies on the community.


"Walmart Discovered" turned the tables - putting community desires front and center and flipping the script on engagement. The result? A vibrant showcase of what's hot, driven by the people, for the people. And Walmart? They emerged as the cool new neighbor in the digital block, smashing the mold and setting the stage for the future of engagement in the metaverse with over 18 million visits!

This is where the future starts, and everyone's invited to find their thing.



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Sawhorse Productions, Walmart


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