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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Super Board 2.0

Winner in Unboxing Video

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Fiorucci is a nationally distributed, premium Italian meat brand that has low awareness and a much smaller marketing budget vs. category leaders, and the core Fiorucci target consumer loves to entertain and considers themselves a crowd pleaser, whether for 2 or 22. The brand wanted to find ways to break through during real-time, pop culture moments that helped reframe how people think about the brand and “charcuterie” as a whole.

For the second year in a row, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day fell within just two days of one another, creating a natural and funny tension between the desire to host friends at a big watch party and/or celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one. According to a national U.S. poll men (55%) are more likely than women (37%) to anticipate the Super Bowl. A plurality of women (43%) are more excited about Valentine’s Day. This compares with 32% of men who mention Valentine’s Day. 

Fiorucci, once again, leaned into this tension by creating one-of-a-kind premium charcuterie boards, known as the Super Board to breakthrough and elevate the brand and category. The board was designed to help football fans and loved ones celebrate the holidays in style with a unique design fit for both days.

Our goals were simple - beat last year's awareness and engagement results, increase consumer touch points, and offer a limited supply for sale in addition to the giveaway promotion to pique interest, all while also raising brand awareness, social media engagement and follower growth.

Strategy and Execution

With a name like “Super Board,” the board must have that wow factor that is synonymous with a never-before-done design and still resonates with both football enthusiasts and romantics, alike. We settled on a massive card-like folding board that was handmade and laser cut with the details and size and scale of a football field for Super Bowl parties and the intimacy of a smaller heart-shaped side for 2. 

With a limited budget we wanted to maximize their distribution to create the most buzz. Out of the 50 boards created, our team reserved 10 for a social media giveaway and 40 for a limited edition e-commerce “drop”. We priced the boards, valued at $750+, at $157 (for SB XXXVII plus a $100), to create major FOMO and exclusive value.

To promote the giveaway and sale of the board, we developed an integrated campaign that leveraged social media, paid media, and influencer partnerships.

Our team looked for creators with a “brand” built around Italian heritage, football, food, lifestyle, or comedic content that appealed to Fiorucci’s Crowd Pleasers. Since our influencer partners played a huge role in last year's campaign, we ensured they remained the foundation of our strategy for Super Board 2.0 with a three-pronged content approach across Instagram and TikTok:

  1. Amplify campaign/ giveaway reach: Influencer partners @Ainttooproudtomeg and @ThePasinis collaborated with the brand to host giveaways of the board on Instagram. Similar to last year, the board was also seeded with several foodie influencers (on a trade basis) earning free exposure for additional Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikToks. 
  2. Drive traffic to an online storefront: @Ainttooproudtomeg, @ThePasinis & @Allisonkuch all supported the launch of the sale with Instagram Reels, Stories, and TikToks including a link to our online storefront in their bio or on a story.
  3. Produce additional campaign assets: @TrulyTerah created 2 Instagram Reels/TikToks (one for each holiday) and provided the brand with a gallery of images for use across all owned channels.

Influencer content included unboxings, styled board/party inspiration, and a comedic skit. 

The overall social media strategy included 5 Instagram Reels/ TIkToks, 3 Instagram Carousels, and 30+ Instagram Stories. The content included campaign teasers, hero videos, giveaway reminders, and flat lays.

Our team simultaneously launched, managed, and fulfilled the RAPID sale of 40 Super Boards. We packed and shipped every order, along with enough charcuterie goods for a real party, and we ensured they were delivered in time for the Big Game in less than a week.

Finally, since the Super Bowl was being hosted in our own backyard in Arizona and our influencer partner, Allison Kuch, was the official host of the Super Bowl TikTok Tailgate, we knew she’d be in town, and we knew there would be an opportunity to drive additional awareness and UGC. After some DMs back and forth, and with less than 48 hours, we provided a full charcuterie spread on the Super Board for Allison’s pre-Super Bowl pool party in Scottsdale with a dozen other influencers and NFL players. 🔥


Our main objective was crafting a relevant campaign that inserted Fiorucci Foods into The Big Game vs. Valentine’s Day conversation – and we did it! Let’s look back at the scorecard:

  1. Beat last year's results: In total, across Instagram and TikTok, the campaign included 120 content pieces. In total, the campaign earned over 3 million views (+566.667% from 2022), 8.2k shares, 2.95k saves, 120k likes, and 5.2k comments.
  2. Increase consumer touch points by producing a higher quantity of boards: Created 50 one-of-a-kind premium charcuterie boards (20+ boards in 2022) that led to more UGC and influencer content created.
  3. Offer a limited supply for sale in addition to the giveaway promotion:
    1. Out of 2,645 entries, 9 winners were selected as giveaway winners.
    2. Our exclusive online drop of the Super Board went live on Monday, Jan. 30, and within 47 minutes of the launch, the board had completely sold out!  

In total, the campaign included 34 influencer-generated content pieces across Instagram and TikTok – several of which were enthusiastic unboxings of the Super Board 2.0. We exceeded our projected influencer performance by 57% in views (projected 1.69M, actual 2.65M), 3% in likes (projected 115k, actual 118k), and 124% in comments (projected 2,050, actual 4,590). 

Allison Kuch, along with her husband Isaac Rochell (NFL Defensive End) and several of their influencer guests, shared photos of the Super Board 2.0 to their Instagram Stories throughout the pool party - putting us right in the center of one of the hottest parties in Arizona!


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Heart & Soul Marketing, Fiorucci Foods


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