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The Ritz-Carlton – The Brand Campaign

Finalist in Global Campaign

Entered in Integrated Campaign, Multi-Platform Campaign


In 2023, The Ritz-Carlton invited the world to Leave Better. 

Devoted to making an unforgettable impression on global travelers with an industry-leading service culture and modern luxury, The Ritz-Carlton has centered its message on "Let Us Stay With You" — how it creates an indelible impact through its experiences around the world. 

For 2023, research identified new opportunities to expand the concept of Let Us Stay With You. By focusing on moments of transformation created by the brand, Leave Better was born. 

Overall objectives:


Eschewing a traditional showcase of hotels and resorts, Leave Better featured a new level of creativity for the brand.

Vivid sounds, colors and figurative imagery tell the stories of Leave Better and present a stay with The Ritz-Carlton in an entirely new light.

Through an evocative series of short, social-focused videos, The Ritz-Carlton asks and answers a series of questions: How do we feel before we step inside The Ritz-Carlton? How do we change during a stay? How do we Leave Better?

Unique visuals tell each Leave Better story: A shell hatching to reveal a soaring bird, blooming buds, ice melting away in a fresh season of blossoms, an oyster opening to present a perfect pearl. All capture before, after, and a moment of transformation, and the feeling of leaving behind the ordinary to become something more with The Ritz-Carlton.

The campaign to present these moments included wide-ranging and multi-tiered elements, from on the ground media at hotels to extensive digital and social placements:

To share leave better, The Ritz-Carlton also established a high level of coordination between brand and property social channels, setting a new standard for deploying brand campaigns.

Through a 3D CG teaser (a first for the brand), account logo changes, and a posting schedule available to all Ritz-Carlton properties, Leave Better presented a unified, focused approach to sharing its new travel narrative.

With The Ritz-Carlton messaging its luxury travel audience, Condé Nast presenting Leave Better to a wider spectrum of consumers, and guests encountering the new campaign on property, the brand deployed a carefully planned and comprehensive approach to introducing its newest narrative on what makes travel unforgettable.


The results of our campaign show that Leave Better resonated with its intended audiences, stoking excitement to see how their next stay would leave them better than they arrived:

Overall, by tapping into creativity, innovation, and the incredible culture of The Ritz-Carlton, working with established partners, and sharing a tailored message across a broad range of platforms, Leave Better brought renewed attention to how travel with The Ritz-Carlton changes us for the better.


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The Ritz-Carlton


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